Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Love Yourself First.

I WAS ALWAYS THE awkward one. If it had never been for braces, no guy would have ever given me the time of day because my teeth were throwing up gang signs. No boy in high school ever paid me much attention other than to see what I got for number 7 on the calculus exam.

Kay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a tad. I was cool, but I was no prom queen. I thought Robin's egg blue eye shadow would make me prettier, would only wear brand name clothes, and wore my hair in a pony-tail about 4 times in my whole high school career. I made good grades; I was nice to everyone and was an absolute, complete pushover to get people to like me. I was 14 years old and had never been kissed. Tons of other girls are gushing on and on about their boyfriend taking them to the movies and what did I have?
Nada. Nope. Zippo the hippo. The closest I came to a boy was Puf-a-luf, my childhood stuffed elephant. And he's not exactly someone I could take to the movies.

As all girls do, I outgrew that phase and fast forward the years a bit and i started to realize I was spending time with people who I was trying to impress instead of ones who made me happy. Don't do that junk. And on top of that, I was the one who always had a boyfriend and never really knew how to live life on my own, never really knew who I was just being me.

Now at 23, almost 24 (SEPTEMBER 19th BABY) I love Target, throw my hair in a messy, cute bun more than ever for work, and have kissed more boys than I can name, in a classy way. :) Although the Robin's egg blue shadow didn't really make a killer comeback, my outlook on life did.

I think the most misconstrued concept about being a Princess is that you have to be a rich bitch. No. Sure, I love nice things - I have nice things and live a very wonderful life in Charlotte, NC. But I also believe in the humility of having what you have.

I was emailed a very touching email (you know who you are) saying that this twitter account, which started as just for shits and gigs, really impacted her life - made her feel that having nice things wasn't something to be ashamed of. I pride people like her that notice not everyone is fortunate enough to drive a BMW and own every eye shadow from Sephora. The most unifying concept about being a Princess isn't your car, your clothes or your looks. It's your heart. You know those people who are just beautiful? Not in what they wear or the things they say, but just in what they are? That's beauty.

I'm telling you there is nothing more important than knowing your values, your thoughts and being able to take care of yourself. Stop looking for a boyfriend. STOP IT. If you have a shitty one, LEAVE him. Life is way to short to wake up a year from now and realize a year ago you should've walked away. Love yourself. Do it. You have something to give - go give it. Remember: If you dont love yourself, how in the hell is someone else supposed to love you?