Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are your "friends" your friends?

WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT types of friends. We have our best friends, one's we loved since elementary school, share every secret, every hookup, every guy problem. We have friends we live with, party with, have dinner with, or those we go out with if no one else is available.... whatever, it's the harsh reality.

I've been blessed with tons of people in my life. More than probably the normal person. I'm an outgoing, friendly girl who can pretty much get along with anyone. I like to do things for my friends and I always will as long as your true to me.

If they talk about others to you, they talk about you to others. I learned this the hard way. Gossip runs through girls blood at a rapid speed. It's normal. I do it. You do it. Your best friend does it. Your mom probably does it. Sometimes it seems like a secret is just something we tell everyone else to tell no one else. It's human nature. However, there is that fine line and the scary thought is how many of your "friends" cross it?

Unfortunately, I'm learning now more than ever that friends don't always last a lifetime. There are those who come into your life for a reason and those who come into your life for a season. AND. THAT. IS. OKAY. It doesn't mean you're a bad person and it doesn't mean they are either. Friends teach you and mold you and when their time in your life is over, you must be willing to let it go. Someone wise once told me that if God changes your heart about something, you must be willing to change your plans. So change your plans.

I justify every decision in my life with this one statement: "Does the good outweigh the bad?" If the answer is yes, keep on getting it. If the answer is no, make a change. It's a simple concept really, but the easiest and fastest one I've found to hold true. There are people I used to be closer with that I miss everyday, maybe twice a day, maybe twice a minute. There are people I used to be closer with that I don't miss at all. There are people who've drifted in and out of my life, started their own path, came back into mine, and got back on their own course. But the fact is every single person that has affected me has made thankful. Even the negative friendships, which at the time I thought were everything, were really just everything at that minute. And guess what? That is okay.

Why is this a topic of what I would change? Hell I don't know. This whole "thinking into what I would change" topic really has thrown me for a loop. Princesses, just as your many daily emails tell me how these posts affect you.... it totally has me too. I wouldn't change any of the friendships I've had because at the time I have made some irreplaceable memories with some remarkable people. I've had laughs for days and I thank these people for that. You should do the same. I guess I would change the outlook. That once the friendship had ran its purpose and it's course, I would've realized it as such and moved on.

Once you drift from some people in this world, true colors will show. Flaws. Insecurities. And I'm sure so did my own in their eyes. You hear things, truth comes out and it may hurt. But even though I'm not as close with some people in high school or even college, if they needed me, I'd still be there. If any of you in my own life are reading this, I'd still be there.

Be there for people. Love people. Love will always win. Love is the only way.