Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ballsy vs Crazy. Which are you?

Ballsy – Texting a cute guy asking what he’s been up to lately
Crazy – Texting a cute guy asking why he’s not texting you back

Ballsy – Wearing colored pants with a color top
Crazy – Wearing no pants

Ballsy – Tweeting your crush
Crazy – Tweeting your crush and refreshing your Twitter mentions every 2.4 seconds until he mentions you back – if he does.

Ballsy – Buying him a drink
Crazy – Buying him a drink and thinking of the fact that he could be your husband someday

Ballsy – Getting over your ex
Crazy – Getting under your ex

Ballsy – Winking at a guy across the bar
Crazy – Licking your lips at a guy across the bar

Ballsy – Finding a mutual guy friend on Facebook you think is cute
Crazy – Finding a guy on Facebook and taking a screenshot of his picture and sending to all of your friends

Ballsy – Giving a guy your number before he asks
Crazy – Give a guy your number that tells you he’s not interested

Ballsy – Cooking a nice dinner for him
Crazy – Watching him eat dinner through the bushes outside of his apartment

Ballsy – Asking him to go get a drink
Crazy – Expecting him to pay for all your drinks

Ballsy – Planning your next weekend getaway
Crazy – Planning your wedding

Ballsy – Purposefully acting cool when you run into his ex at a bar
Crazy – Purposefully elbowing the bitch in the face and slamming her to the ground by her hair after hitting her with a bar stool