Saturday, October 6, 2012

13 Things I'm So Over

1. Heels. Okay I know. I feel like such a non girl for saying this. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have my pair of heels that goes with everything and I know how they make my legs look amazing. But you know what? Sometimes they're so damn uncomfortable and I'm standing there in the bar and owwww my feet and ugh I just wanna take them off. Not to mention how tall they make me. I'm 5'8" and that's kinda tall for a girl. 4 inch heels make me 6 foot. Sometimes it's awkward.

2. Being 6 foot in heels. I know number 2 is a branch off of number 1. But being a tall girl is difficult. I'm 6 foot in my heels! Any guy that I can entertain has to be at least 6'2". I'M TIRED OF BEING THE SIX FOOT TALL CHICK.

3. Eating late night. It's bad for my body. It's fast food. I like Taco Bell so sure but every time I drink, my body is like yep. You need to go to McDonalds.

4. People hating on Taylor Swift. Dude, she's my girl. She's my lifeline and has gotten me through more shit that most people have. Get off of her. She's a lyrical genius.

5. Guys that talk to you just to hook up with you. I'm a good girl. I'm classy. I don't just go home with any guy I meet at a bar. But nothing aggravates me more than talking to some guy and carrying on a conversation and have him seem interested and then the next line is "so hey yeah you wanna come over?" No bitch I don't. I mean yeah I do but Nelly Furtado said it best: "You expect me to just let you hit it but would you still respect me if you did it?" ....yeah. Would ya?

6. Cold weather. Seriously we can't wear cute dresses during cold weather. Cold weather blows.

7. You texting me. Yeah you. You do it when it's convenient for you and when you're lonely and then proceed to act hard and that I mean nothing to you afterward. Your act only works for just a little while and I'm sorry to break it to ya doll, but you're fooling no one. We all know.

8. Monday's.

9. Not remembering my name. The first thing you do when you meet someone is introduce yourself. HEY MY NAME IS ....... You need to remember that shit. You remember everything else about me, flirt and act cute but then when I leave you awkwardly say "So yeah! Great talk. Wait, what's your name?" Ultimate turnoff.

10. Being interrrupted. I can't stand this.

11. Guys buying me drinks just to talk to me. Cool thanks for the beer, but I can afford this myself. You should've just said hi.

12. The girl at the bar being pissed when you shove her after she's been bumping into you all night. Bitch no. You're sloppy drunk. We all have those nights but I'm not putting up with your intolerant self. Get yourself together. Get some water. Get away.

13. 2am. I'm tired. Enjoy.