Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who I Am

I will still post my tweets. I will still blog from this blog. Some of these blogs/tweets I can relate to and some of them are from emails I get from you, my followers. In case you didn't know, I get emails from you all asking to blog/tweet about specific topics and/or situations. That is where some of the blogs come from. This site is solely for entertainment purposes. In no way, shape or form does my name being attached to what I post on this twitter website mean these blogs/tweets are about certain people in my personal life or even about my personal life at all. Some can be about my life, some are to talk about your situations, and some are completely made up. Let's just get that clear.

This is all about inspiration. This blog has changed really even who I am and how I think about things. Someone emailed me saying she was in the hospital with an illness and spent her time reading my tweets and my blog posts and wanted to personally email me to thank me for the inspiration - I helped her during her illness. Countless other people have said similar things to me. To a stranger - someone they don't even know saying how inspirational they found me to be. Do you know how much of an impact that has on a person to hear that? It's amazing.

Thank you for following.

I'm Amanda. I'm 24. I'm happy. I'm a princess and so are you.