Wednesday, November 14, 2012

John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

I’ll keep this short. I’ll keep this to the point. I want you to know Jesus. I want you to experience the faith, the love, the hope and mercy that I have. In your darkest hours, I want you to see the light. In your weakest moments, I want you feel His strength. In your saddest days, I want you to trust better ones await you. I know approaching 212 some odd thousand followers with this may be a little bold. But, you see, I’m a little bold so it works out.

I want you to know that I fail God daily with my sins. I am sinner. But every day, He never fails me. I have been renewed. I have been forgiven. He has pulled me up from rock bottom, restored my strength when I had none, wiped the tears from my eyes, took away any kind of pain, healed my heart and provided me with an even better life. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through, He can do the same for you. Faith is about trust God and trust His will for you. If there is one thing I have learned about this life and in the experiences I’ve been through, is when you’re down to nothing… God is up to something. Sure that’s cliché and sure it’s hard to believe when you are living in your worst days. It's hard to believe the best one are right around the corner. I know right now may be tough, you may be crying yourself to sleep and no one even knows, or you may be lonely and too afraid to ask for help. Go to God. Fully. Completely. Wholeheartedly. It’s not embarrassing to admit you’re sad. It’s embarrassing to do nothing about it. You are stronger than you know. That's the thing about faith: when the world tells you that you can't, it will tell you that you can.

Only July 31, 2001, I asked Jesus into my life. On October 20, 2001, I was baptized in His light. It was the best decision I have ever made. And I've never forgotten the date.

Whether your parents are coming down hard on you, whether your friends aren’t really your friends at all, whether the love of your life just left you in million pieces, whether you did something regrettably and can’t take it back – no matter the circumstance, God forgives you and wants to guide you through this. He died for me and my sins. He died for you and your sins. Would you dare you to believe that this pain won’t last forever? Would you dare to believe that you are still a beautiful soul? Would you dare to believe that the courage you need, you already have and it can be exponentially grown by utilizing your faith? All of this pain can fade to a memory. Would you dare to believe that?

I believed it. He showed me the way. He lives within me. Will you let Him live within you?

I've seen dreams that move the mountains,
Hope that doesn't ever end,
Even when the sky is falling.
And I've seen miracles just happen,
Silent prayers get answered,
Broken hearts become brand new,
That's what faith can do.

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