Tuesday, January 22, 2013

timing is everything.

it’s tuesday. i’m already in a stupid mood because the skirt i’m wearing is a tad too tight from being dried in the dryer last night. don’t you hate that? stupid dryer making me feel like I’m having a fat day. i’ll never forget the reason i’m wearing the skirt is because i’m already running 15 minutes late for work. i am never late. my shower took longer than 3 minutes to heat up, i’m out of shampoo and had to steal some of my roommates. i only had about 5 minutes to run my straightening iron through my hair before i plopped on some chap stick, mascara and was out the door.

…..only to turn around because i forgot my suit jacket. work hass been intense this week and it is only day 2. my biggest client in town and i only have 2 hours to seal the deal and i’m already running 15 minutes late. this 85 year old grandma with a walker is just trickling across the street even though my light is green. REALLY LADY. this is not a sunday stroll. a black mercedes cut me off which is soon followed by a long blare of my horn and a “what. the hell. are you doing.”

22 minutes late.

the speed limit is 55; you are going 12. MOVE.
oh shit, is that a cop? shit, that is a cop.

25 minutes late.

yeah, this is my tuesday morning. far from perfect. offff course it starts to rain. my hair and rain aren’t exactly bff’s if you know what I mean. not to mention no one can drive in the rain. it’s almost like the exact second the drop of water collides with the pavement, a sound of utter dismay is alerted to all drivers transforming their brains to mush constantly slamming on brakes and swerving rain puddles. because that’s a good idea? there’s nothing smarter than swerving into someone else’s lane to avoid harmless water. Lord forbid your car get wet! in the rain!

i'm not always in these type of ranting moods. actually i’m kind of cool, but you know when you have those kind of mornings when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? {side note: what the hell does that even mean? why does one side of the bed dictate the future of your day? dumb phrase.} but your whole day is just thrown off. you’re tripping over cracks in the sidewalk, your favorite wallet breaks and you’re two seconds away from throwing your work computer off your company building and laugh while it plunges.

27 minutes late.

why is this big transfer truck blocking the entrance? the line is about 7 miles long and i’m over exaggerating because i just want to get inside. i swear if one more thing goes wrong i’m going back to bed and pretending like today never happened.

32 minutes late.

one heel blister and two cups of coffee later, i’m settled. my mood still is kinda ughhhhalsejf;a because the meeting is next door and there’s no overhead to protect my hair from its worst enemy outside. i grabbed my purse to rush out into the monsoon with the wind flipping my umbrella upside down. water is splashing all over my $120.00 heels as my eyes are rolling because there’s nothing i can do about it. but because i’m a nice person, i flip around, the wind whipping my hair in my face, to see if anyone is behind me. and once i got to the door, i stopped on a dime.

i remember that day that our eyes first met. you ran into the building to get out of the rain, you were soaking wet. as I held the door, you asked my name. timing is everything.

you smiled at me as i answered and said I looked like an “amanda.” i smiled up at you and asked “what in the world did that mean?” - all thoughts about my meeting vanished. you said you didn’t know as your cheeks turned red. we talked for only about 7 minutes, 43 seconds, but it felt like hours. i have never believed in love at first sight until that moment. i shuttered the thought from sheer embarrassment and said i had to go - the reality of this meeting setting back in. your hand ran through your damp hair as you tripped over your words and i swear i've never experienced a moment where someone read my mind. you stuttered “i'm new to charlotte, do you want to get coffee sometime?”

i said “sure.”

it could have been a sunny day. traffic could’ve been normal. the little old lady didn’t have to cross at that moment pushing me 5 more minutes late. my skirt could’ve fit and i could’ve remembered my jacket. i could have been another minute late and i never would’ve ran into you and your green eyes this morning at 10:12am.

it can happen in high school. it can happen in harris teeter. it can happen in a bar. it can happen in atlanta. it can happen at a soccer match. it can happen on a rainy terrible tuesday morning.

timing is everything.


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