Friday, February 22, 2013

i already know the one.

his eyes will sparkle when he smiles and when they meet mine. he will snore while lying on his back when we sleep and i will hate it. i will hate it so much, i will shove him ever so slightly until he cuddles me so we lay side by side. he won’t snore when he lays on his side; his nose caressed by my hair. i think he will be an early riser. he will want to get up with the sun and nuzzle me to do the same even though he will know i’m not a morning person. he will cling and clang pots and pans in the kitchen trying to make bananas pancakes with a scoop of peanut butter on each. he will be so loud with those pots and pans, i will throw my pillow at the bedroom door out of frustration, but smile because he’s just trying to be sweet. i think he will be rough around the edges; he will carry a scruffy beard with an unkempt bedhead in the mornings. i will love how his hair stands up on edge pointing a million different ways after laying beside me all night. he will hide behind the spaghetti aisle and jump in front of me at the grocery store. i will scream so loudly, the manager will ask us to leave and we will, hand in hand, laughing. he will ride the grocery cart to the car, yelling at me to catch up. he will crank the radio up to 32 and scream at the top of his lungs the lyrics to my favorite taylor swift song as the wind from the open sunroof carries his voice as it flaps my hair in the summer sun. he won’t care that the grumpy seventy-five year old man beside us at the stoplight is shaking his head in disbelief that young people could be so foolish. he won’t care because he is making me laugh. his favorite thing to do will be to make me laugh. he will come home with a bottle of wine and a daisy he picked on the side of the road and he will understand that i’m not the type of girl that needs a dozen red roses to know she’s loved. he will tell me i look beautiful when i’m not beautiful. he will tell me when im stuck in bed, wash rag on head, fever exploding, red flushed cheeks, whining about how i don’t feel good. he won’t make me chicken noodle soup because he will know i hate chicken noodle soup. he will bring me tomato soup instead; no crackers and a vitamin water – the red kind. he will remember everything about me; not because i made him, but because he wants to. he will occasionally snort when he laughs and at first i’ll be embarrassed by that, but will soon get over it because who is perfect? no one. he will make an effort to get to know the people close to me. he will like hanging out with my best friend and advise her on what boy toy that’s in her life and her next steps to take with him. he will tell her when she’s being too much with a guy and exclaim to just love someone the way i did with him because the way i did with him was perfect. he will say he was hooked and couldn’t let go. however this will make sense in his mind only. he will love my friends solely for the reason that i love them. he will love anything i love. he will go running with me down park road. his pace will be slightly faster than mine. he will chuckle at me taking a breather at a stoplight a few blocks behind him and joke he could run in circles around me. he'll throw his hand towards the sky for an air high five when i finally catch up. the breeze will tossle my ponytail and take my breath as i realize how much i love his guy too. he will love the fact that i wear red lipstick. he'll say that i look like a punk rock princess. i won't really think that sounds like a compliment, even though my heart knows he'd never mean it anything less. he will give me time to miss him. he won't make me his whole life because he won't be mine. he will understand i will want him to have other things he loves besides me, but he will make me his only girl. he will give me my space and girl time and will never let a time go by where he doesn't kiss me goodbye when we do venture and explore other things we love. time or distance apart will never falter what we have.
the greatest thing he will do will never make me doubt his love and i will trust him unlike i’ve ever trusted anyone else before. i will love and trust him because he will give me no reason to do otherwise.
and it will be beautiful.


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