Tuesday, March 26, 2013

things you should know.

you really shouldn’t pair bold, chunky necklaces with long, dangly earrings – especially if the necklace carries any stream of gold and the earrings are silver. actually, i’ve always known this, but i just wanted to retype it for you girls who still think rocking that look isn’t accessory overload. or clash central. or tacky tuesday. or reallllllly ugly in general. stop doing it.

you should call your parents. you should talk with them and i don’t mean a monotone hey. yeah. work was good today. yeah she’s good. i don’t know what i’ll eat tonight. i’m not sure when i’m coming home next. yeah. mmhmm. okay. well look i gotta go because dancing with the stars is about to be on and i wanna see sean. yeah mmkay. love ya too. bye. why did you even pick up the phone? and i know that there are times you want to go out and party and sleep until noon and don’t have time to talk because you and meredith are walking into the movie theatre. i know you lead a busy life. but call them. they love you. in your parents eyes, you are more valuable than gold. you are their creation and how would you feel if you gave something life, held their head when they couldn’t do it themselves, and provided it with every bit pieces of love in your heart and it gave you a 2 minute, 45 second hi bye whatever part of their day. let them love on you and show you off and damn it, let them into your life. share your successes and failures with them. let them love you through it. you don’t know which day in this world will be their last.

forgive those who did you wrong and wish them the best. forgiveness will set you free.

don’t let a disagreement ruin a great friendship. everyone has opinions and thoughts and beliefs they feel just as strongly about; as you do yours. i cannot stand when a person is making a point and they put down or fail to recognize the power behind someone else’s thoughts. that person is not wrong. unless they are trying to tell you that 2+2=5. if that is the case, then slap yourself for even being friends with a complete bimbo and move on with your day. my point is that just as much as you may disagree with what they believe, they think the same about you. they may think your point is dumb and hell, it could be! but it’s still your point and you still have every right to believe in that. take a breather, walk away, scroll through your phone and laugh at the memories that have kept you together after all these years. focus on what keeps you together; not what tries to drive you apart. {if someone just came to mind, go tell them you love them.}
pray. there is so much power and tranquility in prayer.

remember that you cannot control how people treat you. you cannot control the rumors they say, the words they make up, the looks they throw, the rolling eyes or the spreading of lies. if you let them, they can take every bit of who you are and what you stand for away from you - {important phrase next} if you let them. but the one thing people can't take away from you is how you choose to respond. that will make all of the difference.
believe in love at first sight. believe in the feeling. believe in the thrill. believe that at any given second, life can change. believe in the unknown. wear the cross around your neck, or hang it from your car mirror. bless your food. bless your friends. believe in your faith and never give up on that.

oh, and marry someone you can talk to. i mean carry on 4am conversations with. looks will fade, hearts will not.

when you say “i love you,” – mean it. don’t throw the phrase around like it’s not worthy of the beautiful meaning behind it. people have already banished and tortured this phrase into getting something other than the wholesomeness behind it. actually, when you play with this word, not only are you playing someone’s heartstrings, but you’re playing with fire. how would you feel if you were given sweet nothings – you’d feel burned. if you don’t know the true meaning behind this phrase and the emotional commitment you are making to another, you are in no position to ever let it slip your lips.

your life isn't over because a guy broke up with you. your life really just began. and if a guy ever blows you off for absolutely no reason, never give him a second chance. everyone deserves a second chance doesn't apply to this douchebag. sorry dude! go invest your time in someone who knows your worth from day one.

when you lose, never lose the lesson. if you’re psycho and you drive someone away, don’t ever be psycho again. if you cuss someone out and they punch in you in the face and break your nose, don’t ever cuss them out again. your nose thanks you too. if you wear 6 inch heels and you fall down at the club and expose everything that you shouldn’t, don’t wear those shoes again. when you spread a rumor and it’s not true, know your story before running your mouth.

don’t take more shots of tequila than you can handle. and don’t wear too short of skirts. don’t wear major push-up bras in tight dresses and post your ta-tas all over facebook. stop making the duck face. quack quack biotch, quack quack. not cute. put your tongue back in your mouth and put down your middle finger and just smile. smile in your pictures. that’s what the world wants to see.

when you do something you should have not, don’t dance around with your pride. don’t push the situation away in hopes of it just getting better. trust me, that doesn’t work. a million apologies may not automatically fix things, but it will do it a lot faster than a million ignores. i’ll say it again- pride doesn’t not overpower love.

write on your bathroom mirror and read it every day that sometimes not getting what you want most is a complete stroke luck and a disguised blessing. sometimes not getting what you think you deserve most will be the best thing to ever happen to you.
come across like you have it all together, but really... have none of it figured out.

that is the beauty of it. trust me.
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