Tuesday, April 2, 2013

this is your fairytale. tell it how you want.

i feel like i have always wanted my love story to be by the book and i wanted that fairytale to be told to you because the best stories are the ones which end in predictability and never a scar.
...but it didn’t turn out that way for me. i’ve loved and lost a few times in my life, some of the times more powerful than others, but all of them were love in completely different ways. i don’t have that fairytale of one person falling in love with me and staying in love with me all their life. i don’t have the fairytale of retelling romanticizing moments from years past and reminiscing of when we were so young and in love and have that lasting for a decade and counting. i don’t have any of that at all, but this journey is still my story. and looking back, i wouldn't have it unfold any other way.

i think the reason my fairytale hasn’t been by the book was for a million reasons, but the one i’d like to point out is so that i could share all this with you. had i experienced the perfect love story since the day one all this writing wouldn’t exist. i wouldn’t know any different and i would be sitting here writing to you that my story is the only true fairytale and love is defined by everlasting terms only. i would be writing about the time i was swept off my feet, whisked away by some gentleman who only would take me to extravagant dinners lost deep in a hut in a forest in ireland. and i would tell you to look for that guy because he will buy you diamonds and pearls and all things designer. sometimes you will have those over the top romances and you’ll get so lost in magic of it all. you won't have to work at it for it to work because it will always be easy and love at first sight and you'll never fight and you're just so dang perfect.
but sometimes, i think love is sitting at home on the couch, as a storm brews outside, eating grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghetti-o’s while watching titanic; cringing into his shoulder when the ship finally submerges into the water and having a breath holding contest between the two of you to see who would survive the plunge while rose & jack do the same thing on the tv. then fighting over who will have the last scoop of chocolate ice cream because chocolate is both of your favorite. these moments are just as special and just as important to your fairytale story. these moments will lead you to the last love; your favorite love of them all.
love is love, though. whether it is the magical entity of perfection because maybe that works for you. or whether your fairytale love has lasted since you were 8 years old swinging on a swing set; still not convinced if the boy beside you has cooties or not. or whether your love began in the 9th grade over learning how to kiss with braces, but graduation dreams and new cities lead you down different paths. or whether your story began in college and you two stayed intertwined, sometimes off; sometimes on, sometimes apart; sometimes back together because these years are the ones that change you the most. and change you the hardest. and change you the most dramatically into who you will be the rest of your life, yet your love made it and you two end up together because that was the one thing time and other people couldn’t fade. their attempts to rip the threads that mended you two together weren’t strong enough – the two of you found a way to be stronger. or maybe you didn't. maybe you had different dreams to pursue and deemed that more worthy. or maybe whether you’re still single at an age you never believed you would be, but happy because your fairytale right now is your life and your job and your friends and being able to afford to attend concerts or weekend getaways whenever you feel like it and you laugh now more than you ever did before; you’re just in love with life itself. or maybe whether your love started a few months ago. you finally were able to love again after swearing it off from failed attempts before and believing there was no such thing. no matter where you've been or where you're going, this is still your fairy tale.
love is love. did i say that already? i think that is one of my favorite quotes and it’s only 3 words long. love is love no matter how you view it or how many times you've been in it or how many times you've lost it or how many times it brought you back together with someone. love is not defined by a time stamp or certain matters of affection or distance. love knows no bounds. your story is your story no matter where it starts or where you choose to start it - no matter if it starts after 5 dates to prove he’s really into you or if it starts with a kiss the first night you met. your story can be whatever you want it to be.
stay in love forever or break up a million times or date a bunch of different guys - this is your fairytale. tell it how you want. but just know the absolute best part about it, is that it will never be anybody else’s.


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