Monday, August 5, 2013

head first, fearless.


i've been giving a lot of thought lately to this blog and although most of the things i’ve written are fictional pieces, i really want to switch it up and make it more about me and my life and my experiences – things i’ve done and been through and learned along this crazy ride.
so let’s see. what’s a little bit about me?
i was born and raised in roxboro, nc. i usually follow up that statement with a have you ever heard of it? because usually no one has. roxboro is a small town with one high school located about 45 minutes north of the state’s capital, raleigh. and with one high school everyone knew everyone. i actually returned home this past weekend to introduce lee to my parents and have him see where i come from. there are a lot of fields and grass and cows and ponds and trees and the occasional creepy house in the middle of nowhere. i took this picture on the way back to charlotte as i’m pretty sure it’s a murder scene waiting to happen.

anyway, i’m 24 years young – soon to be 25 on september 19th. i love roller coasters. i hate baked beans and cheerios. i believe in always wearing your seatbelt because my dad is alive because of one. i love love and i love showing those that i love. i could talk your head off until 3am. i can ramble. i think that’s why i want to make this blog more amanda-esque if you will because i have all these thoughts bouncing around in my head and would love to share them. i probably go out way too much but i don't care. i like to dress up and wear heels and i don't even complain when my feet hurt - most of the time. new shampoo and conditioner makes me excited and i have a necklace obsession - admittedly. i live by the #yolo mantra but i never say it. okay fine i say it, but don’t tell anybody.
              {i. love. wine.}
i think holding back something you want to say is the worst thing you can do. i’ve learned people will pride you for holding things together when you want to fall apart. i know the power of forgiveness. i know the power of letting go. it’s beautiful. i can play the piano and i cannot sing worth anything. i’m baller, shot caller in basketball and i can’t play pool for the life of me. i love to suck at bowling. i can nail a strike and then hit three gutter balls in a row. i keep life interesting. and i love to be goofy. 

                         {coffee eyes.} 

i believe in kissing and kissing a lot and no i’m not going to quote that whole cliché quote. i just believe in kissing. your best friends will save your life. i hate the cold, but love the snow. riddle me that. i think that you can be happy even if you're feeling sad. i am a north carolina tarheel and damn proud of it. roy is my boy - it's cute that it even rhymes. my favorite sport is football and yes people chuckle when i say O is the spin move on the playstation in madden or ncaa football. say that in front of any guy and if he doesn't know what you're talking about walk away. seriously walk away because he's doomed in life. my boyfriend makes me laugh more than i make me laugh. this is key. i am a believer in God.  

i have a younger brother who is my rock. mess with him & you mess with me. just kidding, my dad said this past weekend that i couldn’t fight my way out of a wet paper bag so i guess i can’t do anything, but just don’t mess with my lil bro, kay.

i live in charlotte, nc. the queen city. when i moved here, i knew three people. three people in a city this huge was intimidating. it was hands down the best decision i have ever made. ps: i made more friends.
                      {charlotte, nc.}
i like couches and movies and blankets. i like to run outside when it’s 70 degrees. music is my soul and my go-to. country concerts are my weakness. i could wear sundress everyday if work allowed and it was acceptable in 30 degree weather. i work in the hospitality industry for a living and love what i do. i love people and their stories. i love hearing what makes someone who they are. i believe falling apart can be the biggest blessing you can receive because it gives you the opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you’ve always wanted. i’m not afraid of change. embrace spontaneity. constant is boring.

so join me while i sometimes pretend to have it all together while i really figure everything out. join me while i jump head first, fearless. 

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