Thursday, August 1, 2013

10 years in your 20's.

someone once told me that “you only have ten years in your 20’s. do it all.” and let me tell you, that stuck. this summer i have decided to be a concert whore.

concert whore (n): a person who attends a lot of shows solely for the love of live music, strawberita’s, and dancing in sundresses. {side note: this in no way, shape, or form has anything to do with actually being a whore.} 

now that we’ve cleared that up, i’d like to take you through a couple of shows i’ve been to recently and the ones i have coming up.

i like the idea of making this blog a little bit more personal. after all, it’s called life of a princess and... well.. i’m a princess so it only makes sense for it to be a little bit about my life. a lot of you have followed this blog and i greatly thank you for that, so take a sneak peek into my own life {a blog more about me soon to follow}.

i’ve always had a thing for luke bryan. me and two hundred thousand million other women have always had a thing for luke bryan. it gets complicated. but anyway, i remember rockin’ out to country girllllll shake it for meee girlllll and thinking it was funny that he wanted me to shake it for the birds and the bees and the plants, moon, elephants, giraffes and whatever else he references in that song. but my heart was alllll luke’s when i saw him perform drunk on you on the cma’s a few years ago because if he ain’t a 10 he’s a DAMN 9.9. i was sitting in my friend corey’s apartment in raleigh, nc and it came on and that was the day i realized luke was married and my heart was crushed and that was that.
                 {me; lee at luke bryan}

however, it didn’t stop me from attending his show two weeks ago and even though i adore my boyfriend who was right beside me letting me drool over him, luke did make my heart melt a little while i was swaying back and forth to crash my party.

keeping in the country spirit, last thursday i went back out to the verizon wireless amphitheater to see someone live i’d never seen. keith urban!

         {clearly excited with my ticket.}

he rocked out his most popular songs including stupid boy, making memories of us, without you, you’ll think of me, days go by, long hot summer and basically showed that guitar and the crowd what was up. i went with one of my closest girlfriends, allyson, and her and i got really close to the stadium seating even though we had lawn tickets. we made a few friends, some in human form; others in the form of a beer and ended the night going way too fast over a speed bump. work on Friday was TONS of fun.

                   {hi new friends.} 

          {me; allyson at keith urban.}

the last show i’ve attended recently was the day after keith - last friday. and it was a completely different vibe: 2 chainz, t.i., and lil wayne. i’ve always been a big fan of lil wayne and yes this white girl can rap. ironically, i can probably rap better than some dudes out there – a rare talent i don’t always share. put on some rap music and a game of beer pong and watch me work. i went with my boyfriend, lee, and another of his friends named cory. great guys to attend this show with that keep me laughing.

             {lee; me; cory at lil wayne.}

so what in the world does a white girl wear to a rap show? trust me i pondered this for a while before landing on a dress in my closest from new york & co. that had chains on the front in the pattern. i can almost guarantee you i was the only person there wearing new york & co. I threw on a hat and boom. 

                          {i'm a G.}

it was silly - however, it worked and i blended right in (ps. the hat was solely for picture purposes. it didn't really go with my shoes) and we had a blast singing and dancing and acting like we were in high school again. someone did get stabbed in the parking lot later that night after we had left and the show was over so uhhhhhh that kinda put a damper on things, but i mean i guess that’s the risk you take when you see wayne. weezy foreva, baby!

tonight is kenny chesney. a show i’ve been looking forward to for months. i have smash mouth, sugar ray, & backstreet boys later in august and just booked front row tickets to see j. cole in october in atlanta. j. cole has been one of my favorite artists for years and he just so happens to be my boyfriend’s favorite person on the face of the planet so we decided to do a #yolo weekend, purchase the vip tickets and actually meet him. i’ve never had vip tickets to any show, nor sat front row, nor met an artist at a show, so i’m really excited about this. the way i see it is i’m about to turn 25 in september and that means i only have 5 more years i can use the excuse of “doing it all because i’m in my 20’s” so i plan on taking full advantage. you should do the same.

{yes i said #yolo in this post. no it is not cool to still say that. yes i also hashtagged it. that is not cool either.}


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