Tuesday, August 13, 2013

operation: taking boyfriend home.

taking a new boyfriend home to meet the parents is always an exciting thing. unless you’re gaylord focker and end up slamming a volleyball against a chick’s face, burning down an alter, and participating in discussions regarding milking a cat. {meet the parents, the movie in case you're wondering.}
my family is funny. my mom is a hoot and my dad has a dry sense of humor and my brother is one of my best friends so i knew taking lee home would be fun. he makes me laugh more than i make me laugh so i knew he would fit right in with my mom’s awkward jokes and the embarrassing stories that my parents tell everyone about me - which range anywhere from crashing a dirtbike into a tree at age eight and falling down in spilt coke in walmart at age fourteen.

              {family at andy's graduation.
           also me with super platinum hair.}
it had been a few years before i let anyone be introduced to my peeps because only special people should be allowed to do that. you can't just take any guy home to mom and dad. i did that when i was like 15 and had to "get their approval" before going to the movies so this guy could hold my hand and awkwardly decide if he was going to put his arm around me, paying $47 dollars for half a bag of skittles and some watered down mountain dew. no sorry! not a teenager anymore {by a long shot might i add.}

anyway - plus my fam-a-lam plays pool volleyball a lot and i wanna know a guy can hang. lee is like 6 foot 2 so i figured he could hang so we made the three hour trip from charlotte to roxboro. there were a lot of trees. and land. and cows. 
we took a trip up to the mudcats game on friday night and i met sir purr!

                            {go panthers!}
oh and also there was baseball and fireworks and onion rings and ice cream and those stories i mentioned up there i had to laugh off when my mom couldn't breathe from laughing so hard when telling them. most people’s family try to make a great impression – mine just try to embarrass the heck out of me the most they can. and i love them for that because that’s the real me.
                       {friday night baseball.}
                           {mascot race!}

             {fireworks are my fav.}
saturday was spent full of pool volleyball {no one slammed anybody in the face}, hanging out with the dogs, grilling steaks, a game of sorry! where i’m always the red pieces and my parents begging us to stay another night. we didn't so we already made plans for september 7th to go back to see blue man group with my family at the durham performing arts center! i heard this show was phenom.

i’d say operation: taking boyfriend home was successful.