Friday, September 13, 2013

country, cocktails, and mustaches.

back in 5th grade, the teacher asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up and without any hesitation i wrote “country music singer.” little did i know at the time that this kind of career meant that you actually have to have some musical capability in your voice and not sound at all like a dying pigeon. which is what i still sound like.
so i traded that dream in for a couple of country concerts yelling the song lyrics at the top of my lungs with a beer in my hand and some boots. i’ve went to a few a lot of country shows this summer and this past week, lee got us tickets to see billy currington! i had never been to a show in a smaller venue with someone that well known before and i loved it. it’s intimate and the crowd is pumped and you don’t have to use binoculars to see the performer.
{us at the show}
{billy currington}
we danced around and made up our own words and had a few beers and met friends to all of billy’s songs. he did a few covers which included ‘get lucky,’ ‘blurred lines,’ ‘family tradition,’ and finally ended with ‘good directions’ which is one of our favorites. i’d never seen billy before and glad i got to!
{full stage view}
fast forward to wednesday night - i got treated to a beautiful skyline view for dinner and drinks. lee and i went to the peculiar rabbit thanks to the lovely $40 for $20 groupon i snagged earlier last week. the peculiar rabbit is a really cool venue that’s 3 (or 4) stories high in plaza midwood, which is a suburb in charlotte outside of the city. i’d heard the food was phenomenal so we had to check it out. see below for yourself!
{view from the rooftop seating}
{bacon wrapped figs}
{calamari; chicken & waffles}
another favorite I saw on the menu was lobster mac & cheese. they were out of that on wednesday so that just means we have to go back sometime soon. the calamari was on point, but the most interesting item was the bacon wrapped figs. i don't even know what a fig is, but wrap it in bacon and i'm yours. 
and then, last night one of my girlfriends allyson and i went to this opening party of lyft – a taxi like service that’s new and upcoming to charlotte. apparently this service is 30-40% cheaper than taxi’s and drivers use their actual car, equipped with a pink mustache on the front, to take you home by you donating a specific amount of money. the app is available on your iPhone so check it out!
{pink mustache logo}
the kick off-party was located at this really cool brewery i’d never been to located in no-da (north davidson), another suburb outside of charlotte. no-da is known for a more eclectic and artsy feel if you’re looking for something different than the mainstream bars.

{heist brewery}
heist brewery was the host bar and provided beer and wine and a sample of their amazing food. the blueberry blonde was my absolute favorite and tasted something short of fruity pebbles. i will definitely be back for dinner at some point! also at the party was a crafting station where you could hand make your own mustache, as that’s the logo for lyft. the 5 year old in allyson and i were immediately drawn to that section, of course.

{crafting station}

{our creations}


{allyson & i}
happy friday & cheers to the weekend!