Monday, September 9, 2013

weekend recap.

life has been pretty busy lately. the past two weekends we’ve spent out of town at the beach or gallivanting around north carolina, city hopping. and this past weekend was no different. lee met my parents maybe about a month or so ago and my parents loved him so much they couldn’t wait to get us back.
charlotte traffic is no joke. it’s not funny. it has no punch line. it makes me want to pull my hair out. it makes me want to drop kick a kid. it makes me want to smash someone’s sandcastle. and by living here, i know it gets exponentially worse at 5pm on a workday. i squeezed out of the office early friday afternoon to swing by concord to meet lee before we made the 3 hour drive.
friday night lee and i spent sitting around our fire pit above with a couple glasses of wine, my parents, my brother andy, and a girl friend he had over named alli. it was like a triple date with a lot of my favorite people catching up on what’s been going on the past month. i know it’s early september and the north carolina temperatures are still 80’s/90’s during the day, but later that night after it cooled off, the hot tub nearby sounded really nice so we all jumped in to soak away that week’s work stress. note to self: invest in a hot tub at my own place in the future. but for now i’ll just enjoy my parents when i go home.

saturday, we woke up early to sausage and pancakes – one of my favorites. the weather outside was completely gorgeous and i knew i wanted to jump in the swimming pool and soak up some of the last summer sun. however, lee’s eyes lit up once my brother introduced him to our two massive four-wheelers and advised him there was a ton of land on the power line we could tear up.

i jumped on the back of the four-wheeler with lee since he had never driven one like that before and andy’s girl hopped on the back of the other one and off we went. miles down the road, a few different frog spotting instances, slung mud dried on my legs and most spider webs dodged later, we ended up saying hi to my cute granddaddy at his house down the road.

splashing in the cool pool & tossing football when we got back was definitely the icing on top of the cake.
later that evening after mom’s yummy spaghetti, we all piled in to the sequoia and headed to the DPAC – durham performing arts center about 30 minutes away in durham, nc.

if you’ve never heard of the blue man group, i would suggest you look them up. it’s a team of 3 guys performing different stunts with illusions and light. they made us take “no cell phone usage” oath, but me being the picture whore i am, i had to try to snap a few shots of the show. the ending act was these huge multicolored fabric balls that flew into the audience and we all semi played volleyball with them {aka we bounced them around each other}. it was definitely a cool show and one i’m glad i got to see.

afterward, lee and i met up with one of my close girlfriends since ninth grade – magan. charlotte doesn’t have that many country bars. ohhhhh but roxboro does. we headed out to bar 119 for a few drinks and dancing.
it’s always such a good time to visit back home to remind myself where i came from and to see people i’ve loved for a very long time.