Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3eb & football.

what i listened to: third eye blind
shocker! i went to another concert. but this time i took a field trip back to sixth grade at the third eye blind show. let me start by saying the venue was by far the best venue i’ve attended.
it’s a small venue and up until dating lee all i knew were huge concert venues like time warner cable arenas and verizon wireless amphitheaters where the performer is an inch tall and the best picture you can get is a semi-blurred one on the huge screens. but not here.
the fillmore is located near the nc music factory in charlotte.
unlike amos in southend, there is no u-shape second level balcony section, so you get to know the person standing beside you reaaaaaaaally well throughout the show. third eye blind performed a lot of songs i didn’t know, but even so the theatrics they put on kept me entertained. i even tweeted @3eb about my excitement of the show and they favorited it! it’s something that means so much to fans to be noticed even though thousands tweet them love every day.
my favorite performances were obviously the well-known songs such as “jumper,” “never let you go” “graduate” and ended with “semi-charmed life.” i think this was the closest i’ve ever been to a mosh pit { as g-rated as this “mosh pit” would’ve been}. no there weren’t people climbing on people/crowd surfing or throwing random punches (isn’t that what happens in mosh pits?), but regardless, the place was thriving and jumping up and down screaming every word.
and of course, not to be outdone, so were we.

{this guy in front of me was doing a taylor swift heart.}
where i tailgated: nc state vs. ecu; raleigh, nc.
if there’s one thing i looove about the fall is tailgating for football. if you do not share this love, being friends is going to be an issue. after eating dinner with lee and his family this past friday, we headed up towards raleigh where a ton of our friends were waiting to kick off the morning early on a saturday.

{lee and i}
and when i say early, i don’t mean 10am saturday morning early. i got up at 6:20am to prep for the day. i don’t even get up that early for work! we met up with everyone and laid out our tailgating spread full of delish foods ranging from breakfast to cupcakes and of course 7:30am beers and champagne.
{cheesy bread, breakfast casserole, sausage balls}

{champagne on ice}
it was straight freezing. the morning started out at 55 degrees and although everyone kept saying it would get warmer, i think that was a wish rather than a reality. the only thing keeping us warm were the random closeness during pictures, my scarf that became a hat, the bathroom building we kept sneaking into, and shot-gunning beers like we were in college {which i am epically terrible at}.
the picture doesn't do it justice, but basically Hannah and Audrey killed it, meanwhile i drank all most of the beer and slammed it down like a champ...... only to splatter about the remaining 1/6 of the beer on the ground. hey, at least i tried.

{it also was this lady's 28th birthday. happy birthday stephanie!}
{walker brothers & myself}

{crew: shawn, drew, hannah, jared, audrey, sean, lee, myself, taylor, stephanie, henry, catherine}
after kickoff since we didn't have tickets, we decided to pack up our things and go to meet a long time friend of mine, corey. i've known corey since college at uncg and living 3 hours from here completely sucks, for a lack of a better term. her fiancé, adam, and lee hit it off last tailgate, so we decided to meet up with them at carolina ale house to watch the bloodbath on the field and enjoy catching up.
{corey and i}

{because we had not had enough already}
{adam's party fail}

{festive beer}

{magan showed up as well! another great girlfriend i got to see this weekend.}

afterwards, another close friend of mine, taylor, invited lee and i over to their house for more drinks, as if we needed it, and games! i was so excited i got to see three of my bests in one weekend. i've known taylor since 6th grade so catching up is always a blast.
{taylor & i}

{katie, me, taylor}
we spent all night playing taboo and this other fun game that was like telephone and pictionary in one. betting on football games with tequila shots and eating some late night pizza later, we ended the evening teaching each other copperhead road.  we've danced to copperhead road a million times, but trust me after that much fun in one day even the most well known dance steps won't be found in your memory! lee got it on video. no i will not share!
it was a great weekend of seeing old and new friends.
happy thanksgiving week! i wish you all the best time with your friends and families.