Wednesday, November 6, 2013

it's fall, y'all.

sheesh; life has been crazy. between traveling to nashville for work and prepping for my wisdom teeth surgery that i had this morning (ps: it totally blows), i haven't had that much time to write.

but of course there are a few things i have to share with y'all.

two weekends ago, we had a lot of friends head up to the north carolina state fair. scheduling conflicts and the fact we were both exhausted, lee and i decided to stay back here in charlotte. i agreed with the decision, but couldn't help to be a bit bummed because the state fair is something i love.

so, because he knew this, lee woke me up on Saturday and took me to brunch at toast right up the road. toast is a perfect place for a lazy Saturday mid morning meal. i've been on an avocado kick lately (and by kick i mean obsession), so i ordered the avocado, sausage, and tomato omelet with some toast and cheesy grits on the side. and coffee. never forget the coffee.


after that, lee took me over and we picked out two pumpkins to decorate. i had never done this before so i was pretty excited. after grabbing some paint and necessary tools, we both got to work.

{pumpkins everywhere.}

i took white paint and hand drew a random chevron pattern across the pumpkin. side note: i'm not that crafty and i'm not huge on all the pumpkin guts so i figured painting it could be something up my alley. i literally fell in love with the baby pumpkin the moment i saw it under the tent, so this was perfect. word to the wise: white paint takes a few coats to cover an orange pumpkin! i then lined it with a gold trim and voila!



lee decided to get messy and hand carve something. he went all into gutting it and removing all the gross smelly insides. see below for his finished product!



{pumpkin face; L & A}

we finished the night by heading out to the noda area. this is beginning to be a place i frequent more often than i used to. we checked out the blind pig and if you haven't been here, you must! it's a bar with beers and games. who doesn't like beers and games? from everything ranging from jumbo size connect four, corn hole, beer pong, life size jenga, etc.... there was always something to do. they even have hungry, hungry hippos!

{me; audrey; danielle}

this past weekend was lee's birthday. check the next post to see all the creative plans i put together.