Tuesday, December 31, 2013

christmas day 2013.

we pulled into the drive of the walkers around 3pm on christmas day to start the day off with lee’s family. first off, the walkers know how to party. this was their set up.


{colorful ice cubes that I loved!}


the bar ranged from beer, wine, and liquor {which i stayed away from because my tolerance can sometimes be that of a 15 year old} and we toasted to celebrating together. laurie had prepared turkey, ham, spinach, biscuits and the most delicious deviled eggs. drew had prepared the mac & cheese and i’ve never been more thankful for that.


their next tradition was to head into the den area and open up the stockings hanging on the fireplace. my family doesn’t do stockings so this was my first one! it about made me tear up i was so touched they made one for me too. i’m a girl – what can i say.

there were a ton of goodies ranging from lotions, gum, coffee mugs, candy, deodorant, candles, and chapstick. one of these days when i have children, i’ll definitely steal this idea!


{stocking goodies}

lee was showing off his new blanket too!

then it was time to head into the family room and unwrap the gifts under the tree. the walkers were too sweet to me! necklaces that are just my style, a pretty scarf and my favorite scent – marc jacobs daisy - was what i unwrapped. lee got the wire tv series, other grownup man presents, a new bed topper and some handmade nc state cornhole boards that drew made! yes he handpainted these and made his own stencils. impressive. although i rep tarheels all day every day, these were some sweet boards.


{walker men} 

finally it was time for us to unwrap our gifts to each other. lee’s final gift was apple tv and i opened the most gorgeous michael kors watch. it was absolutely perfect.

{christmas day 2013}

later that night, a couple friends of the walker’s came over and we played a game called “boulder dash.” .......... i think. to be honest i have no flippin idea what the name of this game is but it’s something that sounds like “boulder dash.” or maybe not. honestly i can't remember, but it was hilarious. 

basically you grab a dictionary and each person takes turn being the “judge.” you pick an odd sounding word that no one knows the real definition of. each person writes down what you think the word can mean. it can be silly or the most convincing meaning if you want. however, the goal is when it’s time for the judge to read them out to everyone, you want your made-up definition to be the one people chose the most. in return, you are also voting for a definition and your goal is to guess the actual correct dictionary definition. it was a ton of fun hearing some of the made-up craziness people came up with.

{my fake definition for formicary. i can't remember what the real definition is but isn't this convincing?!}

{lance and reggie working hard}

{drew being a good judge}

the rest of the night we spent out in the shop with drinks and a cozy fire.

{our fire builder, lance}

i even got a ride in the hudson hornet with lee's dad the next morning!

hope your christmas was as lovely as mine.