Monday, January 6, 2014

awkward vs. awesome (& a sweet hairstyle!)

as a newbie (sorta) to the blogging world, i ran across different people doing awkward vs. awesome posts. you know tidbits that were awkward vs. what was awesome? i can be an awkward person so ya know... we will see which one outweighs the other.


-   on saturday night, we went uptown and ended up at dandelion. a friend of lee’s, kenny, was talking to a girl. lee bought an extra beer for kenny and i was the closest one to him so i reached in and handed it to him. his ‘girl’ goes “ugh! oh sorry!” as if i was his girlfriend. i mumbled an awkward “uhh i date his friend” and pointed at lee. this also happened with a different girl at tin roof.

-  I made this spaghetti squash for dinner and it was as big as my head. 

-    i blogged yesterday about how excited i was to go to the green bay packers vs carolina panthers playoff game on sunday. green bay lost. i’ll be enjoying the game with my cozy butt on the couch.

-    i ran across this gem from nye. prettyyy much sums us up. me drinking wine and lee all like

-    i also found a nye video of myself walking around asking everyone “what they are most thankful for in 2013.” i start this video acting like a news reporter saying “well this is amanda live from nye 2014... or 2013?.....” i tried to upload it, but i'm not that computer smart yet, so i posted the link from vimeo. peep it below.


-  i made flippin sweet paleo pancakes. and so easy. i'll be having these every morning on the weekends!

{trust me. I'm well aware this looks like barf. don't knock it before you try it.}

how to: two bananas smashed up in a wide bowl. i used a fork to smash. scramble two eggs in a separate bowl and pour in with bananas. sprinkle cinnamon to taste (aka the gross pic above). pour small batter circles in a hot pan with a tad bit of evoo. cook until done. reheat for an easy breakfast the next day!

-   we went to myrtle beach in december! caught meek mill's show, and got extra creative. there was no cooler in the room, so we used the ice bucket to grab a lot of ice and placed our drinks in the sink. lee calls this "the dirty myrtle cooler." #lifehack

-  i've successfully blogged everyday since like christmas eve. or like missed one day. either way, this thing has became my baby.

- double braided headband hairstyle. i learned it tonight and LOVE it. it's beyond simple to do too. hopefully i can get another blog up on how with step by step instructions. you know another time when i'm actually wearing make up because tonight was a super lazy night.

-   and of course, here's your weekly picture of franny being awesome in her simba like pose.  

any cool things you guys have done lately? you can always email me at