Wednesday, January 22, 2014

be true. be you.

someone recently left a less than nice comment {anonymously of course} and it made me think. everyone has their own style right? what i like you may not and vice versa. that's why there are different trends and styles to fit the plethora of people and their likes and dislikes. crazy that we're not all uniformed robots singing in unison all the time. & by crazy, i mean awesome.

so, i saw this on pinterest and had to share.

isn’t that so true though? everyone having their own personal look is what keeps fashion interesting. don’t wear something you hate just because it’s what’s “socially accepted” or “in” right now. if you hate it, don’t wear it! and if you like it, who cares what anyone else has to say.

on that note, i have fallen in love with these skirts from nordstrom rack. i wore the red one today.

{skirt; nordstrom rack; $25}

i paired it with a simple off-white sweater i’ve had hiding in my closet, black accessories and tights.

i’ve had this necklace since last year, but it’s such a bold statement piece that i don’t wear any other jewelry. i must have been off my rocker when i bought this because, to me, $52 is kinda expensive for a fashion necklace. however i saw the same necklace at pink & blue in south park mall for $102. i didn't feel so dumb then. i’ve always been no-go for chunky necklaces and earrings together. but hey – that’s my own opinion.

{black lace tights; h&m; $12.95; buy it in the link.}


i got these about a week and a half ago when i ordered online and today is the first day i’ve worn them. i am in love! i am not a fan of fishnet tights personally, but this lace pattern is equal parts sexy & delicate.

{black ankle boots; target; $30; now on sale online for $14.98!}

i love these boots. so simple and goes with everything.

{gold faced belt; bevello; $15; on sale online for $10!}

i didn’t wear this gold belt with the outfit today because just as i’m not huge on necklaces and earrings together, i feel the same about belts & necklaces. but belts and earrings are okay. studs and chunky necklaces are ok. no jewelry is not okay. watches are always ok. does that even make sense? no? who cares – it’s my own personal style. but the belt could be a change up for next time. 

love what you wear & don't be a fashion victim. be true; be you.

have a lovely wednesday, loves.


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