Friday, January 24, 2014

cinco on friday!


this necklace.

{vestique; $30}

i can pair this one with nearly anything and the colors have been perfect for late fall/winter rustic feel. i wore it this past weekend to the hockey game with an oversized off-white sweater {pictured} and my new yellow treggings from h&m. ps: treggings are a cross between trousers and leggings. a more comfortable way to wear dressier pants. and i’m all about some comfort.


this guy.

just a quick shout out to lee for everything he’s been for me this past week. life can sometimes come at you full force, but it’s nice to know when you have something substantial in someone. he’s been my listener, my breakfast maker, my wine pourer and a shoulder for me to lay on. thanks for always having my back, babe.


all fellow country music lovers unite!

y’all. just take a glance at that country line up. not only do i love all of the main performers, but i adore all of the opening acts too! they really did it big this year. except for sheryl crow – not 100% sure what’s up with that. but hey, when you’re dancing in a field with your friends, it doesn’t really matter.

cassadee pope is even on there! i’m excited to see her live.

so at initial glance i was shocked to see the price of $219 freaaakin dollars for a lawn ticket. but if you break it down, that’s 9 concerts with multiple performers for $24 and some change a show. last year i ended up breaking down and buying most of the shows anyway for way more than that. tickets go on sale to the general public this morning at 10am found in the link above.
**update - i just ordered my tickets and yes i will say that the extra $34 in fees is absolutely ridiculous. but, i know i'll have a blast so wooooooosahhh.


gossip girl.

so if you follow me on twitter at @agcrute you know i’ve been hashtagging #imso2000andlate because i started gossip girl from season one. i never watched it back when it was cool {circa 2007?} so that is why i’m lame. however, i’m like on season one; episode 12 so don’t y’all give anything away for me just yet.

a couple of rhetorical questions/statements  i’m pondering though:

-         serena cannot have cheated on dan?! i was freaking out.
-         dan is like flippin perfect. so far. i feel like he's too perfect. probably hiding something.
-         serena killed someone??
-         did the dude who banged his head & passed out at the pool party survive??
-         this georgina girl is getting on my last nerve. so is vanessa. don’t trust em.
-         nate is hot. and i may be the only girl who doesn’t find chuck attractive.
-         little jenny needs to get her shit together because her boyfriend was caught making out with serena’s brother??

there are so many storylines, i can barely keep up. someone told me just to wait until season 3 and 4. i’m blowing right through these episodes so i’ll be there in no time.


black cherry chutney & no i don’t mean the dessert. 

{in addition to my nail color - also thankful for coffee this morning.}

on wednesday, katie {champagne & suitecases} & i went over to polished on south blvd to get our “every couple of weeks” manicure together. katie got engaged over christmas so this was the first time seeing her ring and it is breathtaking! we always get the shellac manicure – i like this best because i can wear this mani for at max 3 weeks. regular mani’s don’t last on my nails and are chipped like the second day.

i got opi’s black cherry chutney for the first time and love it! winter colors for me usually range from a cycle of linkin park after dark and russian navy, but this is new found love.

it’s friiiiiday!