Friday, January 17, 2014

five on friday, my blog babes!


danielle came last weekend. ok i am kinda cheating on making one of my five on fridays from last week one of mine this week, but her coming is always a big deal. we started having afternoon glasses of wine because that’s normal on saturday while the boys fixed our hot water heater. halfway through the day we heard a loud uh-oh come from the garage as the boys couldn’t figure out why the water was no longer working.


so after we gave them hell for thinking they broke the water heater, we found out there was a water outage in mint hill..............hold check. what? it just rained like 85 GALLONS of water outside. but that didn’t stop us from getting ready at lee's parents house and dancing the night away at howl at the moon – my favorite piano bar.

{plus I got another chance to wear those leather leggings.}

{howl at the moon.}

{danielle and i}


let me spell it out for you. I P S Y.

my first glam bag came last night! i thought about jumping on the typical girl train of birch box, but my gal candis over here told me all about ipsy and how it’s designed for you. i signed up a month ago after checking off my favorite makeup/hair brands and what i’m most interested in. for $10 dollars a month (including shipping) they send me samples. the big sexy soy leave in conditioner was the winner for me as i used it this morning and fell in love. i {hopefully} will do another post on my goodies i received. whoo for free products!

well, pretty much free anyway.


this bathroom photo.

{caption: please don't poop in our toilet.}

as you’ve read, i recently did our bathroom and grabbed that picture frame for a steal of a price. i wanted something that was equally funny yet different for our bathroom picture rather than the same blah blah here is a picture of us smiling. as i was scrolling through my phone, i ran across this gem taken at a wedding of us goofing off while we were waiting for everyone to arrive at the reception. the first thing my mind thought of was “please don’t poop in our toilet.” i have no idea why and come to think of it – that’s kinda weird. anyway, i couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of having that framed for an hour, so here you have it. now, whenever our friends come over, they know that’s a “rule.”


number four is totally going out to h&m for having 50% off of their favorite spring arrivals until january 20th. i ordered a pair of gray work pants, a blue chiffton dress, a pair of powder pink pants and an off brown maxi skirt. I CAN’T WAIT TO WEAR THE MAXI. what do you pair with yours?? i need ideas.

go shop now. you're welcome.


this picture on instagram. i don’t know if they guy that put it up found this in person or if it’s from the internet, but i laughed so hard that i literally had to share with y’all.

his caption? they aint da best but .....

dey 'ight donuts. still laughing. hope this is real. 

happy happy friday!!