Friday, January 10, 2014

five on friday!

chesson over at a southern twenty-five gets the gold medal for emailing me about participating in five on friday. thanks lady! this will be something i'll continue to hopefully do every week.


these winter sunsets lately. because i work uptown yet live in mint hill, i have plenty of time to do some sunset watching while dodging all the traffic coming home in the evenings. sometimes if traffic is halted, i even can take a picture {silver linings here}. i avoid independence blvd at all costs because of obvious reasons and have cut down what should be nearly an hour commute to 30 minutes. crazy thing about it is when there's no school traffic - it's only 20 minutes to the city! you could say i've spent a lot of time on google maps researching short cuts. there are miles of open fields and painted skies and since the sun still sets early, i get to catch God's way of saying hello around 5:30 pm everyday.


this saturday i'm finally getting my hair cut. after the desperate tragedy of chopping it off last september, i'm finally feeling like me again now that i can see my something when i look down. i go to a fabulous salon over in ballantyne to see meghan, the sister of a girlfriend of mine - katie over at champagne & suitcases. she's been my go-to for hair needs since living in charlotte & i highly recommend her. also; she's hilarious & gives you wine. we have an on going joke with ridiculous emoji's as she had just gotten her new iphone a few appointments ago and i taught her how to use it. yay for new hair!


danielle, one of my best friends, partners in crime, tell anything to kinda girl, comes this weekend for a night. trust me i'll blog about this later i'm sure, but this is definitely in my top five.


our carolina panthers are in the playoffs!!!! it's the first time since like yeahhh i dont even know. {ps. it's 2008. i just googled it.} they got a first round bye and are taking on the 49er's this sunday. today is black friday so i hope you charlotteans are blacking out your offices supporting our boys! #keeppounding


two nights ago was winetastic wednesday with my allyson. allyson doesn't blog {i wish she did}, but she does run the miss purr account on twitter because she's hands down the biggest panthers fan. follow her here! we checked out all american pub as they feature half off wine on wednesdays so this was a no brainer. and oops i may have ordered the buffalo shrimp which i'm sure were not allowed on my "paleo lifestyle." but hey, neither was the wine. i love these nights and they're a favorite part of my week.

cheers to the freakin' weekend.