Friday, January 31, 2014

friday five.


on tuesday, i went to jason's deli & got a sandwich to go. i have no idea why on earth this made such a significant impact on my week, but their zucchini grilini just did it for me. 

"roasted zucchini, organic spinach, red onions, roma tomatoes, roasted red pepper hummus, toasted on 9-grain artisan bread. served with organic blue corn chips & salsa."

that excerpt is taking straight from their website and i'm not sure i'll ever go there without getting this again. oh, and i added turkey. i'm a meat girl - vegetarian doesn't do it for me. good job jason. two thumbs up. 


it snowed in charlotte. and i'm sure this is part of five hundred other people's five on friday - unless they live in atlanta; which really was absolutely horrifying. but here in charlotte, we enjoyed it. 

front yard. 

side yard. 

it started coming down on tuesday around 4pm in the uptown area and kept on all through out the night. driving to work was pretty iffy the next day. check out these sketchy roads! 

regardless, it's something about the snow that's so magical and brings out the kid in everyone.


these pants from h&m.

i have been searching everywhere for some burgundy/plum colored jeans. and i'm glad i got them when i did as they are now sold out! i seriously think i almost would qualify for a blogging advertisement for them, but i promise i am not getting compensated for this. the online store didn't even have my correct size! i got a size bigger in hopes that by washing and drying them, they will shrink a bit. don't all pants do that? here's to my finger's being crossed. 


so i'm up to date with all the newest country/hip hop/alternative songs on the radio. my musical taste ranges from my beloved taylor swift to 2 chainz to the fray to luke bryan to j cole to switchfoot to eric church to beyonce to imagine dragons to macklemore. 

but last night i was unwinding from the day's stress and just listened to my christian songs while i lit some candles and just reflected on life. seriously, i just sat in the dimly light bedroom and listened to these songs below as the boys watched some guy movie in the living room. to me, that is one of the most relaxing things. i'd like to share with y'all a couple of my favorites. give them a listen in the links to youtube if you want.

before the morning by josh wilson
blessed be the name by chris tomlin
god gave me you by dave barnes {the original version and it's way better. sorry blake.}
god of wonders by third day
i can only imagine by mercy me 
i need a miracle by third day
lift me up by the afters
sound of your voice by third day
how he loves by dave crowder band
what faith can do by kutless
i will follow by chris tomlin
trust in jesus by third day
light up the sky by the afters

you can tell i really like third day. another band i love is tenth avenue north. i hope to see them live someday. the following songs are by them. 

some of my favorites include:

i hope you get something out of them like i do all the time. thank you Lord for your blessings.


the following products which i use on the daily. 

healthy sexy hair's soy tri-wheat leave in conditioner 

this actually came as a sample in my ipsy bag and i'm obsessed. i must go buy. this makes my hair unbelievably soft. 

clean & clear's deep cleaning astringent

lee and i got this in our stocking for christmas. and i will forewarn you - this burns on your skin. i don't know if that's a good or bad thing, but after it dries, my skin is so soft. it also removes all the extra makeup/dirt/oil that regular face wash doesn't get. which brings me to...

cetaphil face wash & face lotion

y'all this is the least expensive, less glamorous, everyday face wash i've ever used and it's hands down the best. i've never had super terrible acne prone skin, but ever since i've used these two, i have had soft clear skin with hardly any blemishes. you can snatch this up at any target for like eight bucks. 

hooray for my third #fiveonfriday and hooray for the mere fact that it is friday. i've been needing this weekend relaxation time since like ......... last friday.

cheers to the weekend.