Wednesday, January 1, 2014

it's 2014, y'all!

sunglasses and advil.
last night was mad real.

nye 2014 was epic. but before i get into that - hey yall guess what! this is my 100th post on this little blog of mine and i've really grown to love the idea of blogging! thanks for following along.

so last night taylor and sean opened up their home to all of us so we could ring in the new year together. taylor had prepared some finger foods which included chicken wings, various dips, and other desserts. 

i got to see their whole house for the first time and i just adore the way she decorates! she has these beautiful chandeliers above their dining table like you can see above and there's another one in their master bath. definitely going to be stealing some ideas for my future home. 

the party was down in the man cave - which is something that's high on lee's future home list as well. it's the perfect party spot! we hooked up the music playlist and the night was well under way.


{drew & his drink}

{our first new years}

{taylor & sean - thank you to our hosts!}

i wore a royal blue dress with mini chevron sleeves and the same pattern across the chest. the dress is a new arrival at vestique - which is basically where my entire wardrobe is from. i paired it with some black tights and my black ankle boots from target. easy nye outfit!

{audrey & i}

{drew and i}

{epic failure of a pic of us four}

earlier in the night taylor concocted some lime juice and southern comfort. we all had a shot and sat down the remaining drink and went on about the party. we can back to it about an hour or so later and it looked like this. what?

our eyebrows were raised at that one. ew. no more soco & lime for a while.

it was around 11:30 when we popped the champagne bottles for the new year. we had a mini champagne photoshoot. 

{taylor & i}

{stephanie & i}

{being creepy with champagne bottles?}

the ball dropped and so did most of our dignity after all that champagne. a dance party started and we didn't head to bed until around 5am. cheers to 2014! i'm so excited to see what you have in store. 

{everyone waiting for the ball to drop}

{countdown to midnight!}

this morning, the struggle was real. audrey made us hashbrown casserole, but i didn't drag myself out of the bed until way after 1pm! when was the last time that happened?? it was much needed. however, once we came to lee and i started working on the bathroom! above the toilet was a blank wall, so to eliminate placing all of our toiletries on the sink counter-top, i had lee install a white shelf and below that hang my framed monogrammed necklace holder. i want to continue to decorate the bathroom in gray, white and yellow and this is a start! 

{my handyman}

{close up for the monogrammed holder - a present from my other friend taylor from her wedding i was in back in may 2013!}

{overall look. please excuse the shower curtain... this will be replaced. obviously.}

more to come.

happy new years!