Monday, January 27, 2014

living for the weekends.

happy monday y’all. i don’t know about you, but this weekend did not come anywhere close to lasting long enough. lately i think i found out that i was getting too much sleep and yes, that is a real thing. i used to try and be asleep by 10 {since 6:30am is my wake-up call on the workdays}, but i found i’m more energized when i fall asleep around 11. weird right? anyone know why this makes zippo sense??

anyway, today that did not apply. my energy light is beeping on red. here’s what i was up to this weekend.

meet taylor & sean. you already know lee. they are one of the first couples i’ve met through lee and i adore them! this pic was from back in the summer as i failed to take one friday night. friday was sean’s birthday so we had a huge crew of about 12 of us that ate dinner at the carolina ale house in concord. and it was PACKED. thank goodness for reservations. happy birthday sean!

saturday around noon i headed over to the walker household and went with mrs. laurie to a baby shower for one of her closest friend’s daughter – chrissy. she’s having a boy named hudson in march! this pregnant lady doesn’t miss a beat – fully decked out in her fur vest and heeled boots, she was the cutest thing.

lovely cake from nona's sweets

laurie's champagne punch. 

chrissy also had this super cute canvas as house decor that i bet she can't wait to partake in once the baby makes his arrival! 

saturday night we had people over for a little “beer/wine? pong” & Jared smoked a pork butt that cooked for 12 flippin hours. & yup we held the beer pong games on the pool table. hey, desperate times = desperate measures. but it was the perfect length.

sunday. oh sweet sunday. you know it’s been cold in charlotte when we wake up and everyone exclaims how “warm” it was outside  and it’s like 40 degrees.

sunday was a day for a few house projects, cornhole, and lee’s amazing feta-stuffed burgers with spices. 

as well as the brass fireplace cover that screams 1991. to be painted black!

hannah made this transformation. 

franny loving that we were outside. 

breaking in the cornhole set. 

now for those burgers. y'all. 

i mean, Y'ALL. 

a perfect ending to a pretty chill weekend. next weekend is the ron white show: a little unprofessional at ovens auditorium!