Thursday, January 2, 2014

new news!

just like everyone decides to do something new post nye, so am i.

first off, welcome to the new title! i wanted to get away from the ‘life of a princess’ mantra, and do something more ....... me. something amanda.

i racked my brain and tried to piece together something that summed up what i post about, but really couldn’t, so i landed on what you see above. who knows what i’ll post about  - some days it’s what i did, other days it’s what i wore. throw in a craft and a recipe later and boom you have my blog. it’s a work in progress, but what better time to do it than a new year!

in the spirit of renewing, why not try a new lifestyle change. i’m hoping i’m not one of those people who does this for like a month and a half and then go back to pigging out on snickers. however, i’ve heard phenomenal reviews about paleo and testimonies from people i know personally! to be honest, i was very surprised that lee was in on this. considering he will have to give up cheese, sodas, breads, pastas, and all the other things we love to cook.

i’m a meat girl. i love chicken, beef, sausage, BACON (yup, you can have bacon), and everything inbetween so once i read that you can eat all those, i thought it can’t be so bad.


i’m only in on the diet for about 4 hours so right now i’m ok. yep i started today.

well technically for lunch. for breakfast i had yogurt which is dairy which is a no-no, but hey it was 90 calories and we haven’t went grocery shopping yet. {we are tonight.} so don’t judge.

i found an awesome website that i’ve been reading all morning for beginners such as myself – Paleo Cupboard.

you can scroll through that yourself for recipes and basic knowledge on paleo without listening to me ramble all day. the website even has a grocery list for you to pick and choose what to buy. paleo food only!

fingers crossed we stick to this so i can post some recipes from here on out.

for now... this is where we’re at.

here’s to hoping we get better and to the new blog name!