Tuesday, January 28, 2014

recent purchases.

lately i have been an online shopping guru. not that the deals i got have been crazy expensive, but i have been getting in the habit of just browsing around on h&m, vestique, and even forever 21 online.

is it even ok for me to still shop at forever 21? at the age of 25 i feel like that’s slightly pushing it a tad, and even though most of their clothing has more of a punk rock feel, there are still a few pieces i deemed worthy.

plus they recently had 50% off of all already marked down clearance items. and h&m had 50% off of their faves from their spring collection. and vestique had this dress i couldn’t say no to.

so there you have it – my reasoning for all these purchases lately.

however, the bottom line isn’t even all that bad if you ask me.

so here's what's new in my closet. 

vestique; $44

forever 21; ps this was $8 flippin dollars

look closer - it has a cute peep hole along the waistline.

h&m; chiffon dress in light blue

h&m; $19.95. i am so obsessed with this sweater. it's a powder pink semi-oversized. 

vestique; $44

look closer - the raised studded shoulders. 

h&m; suit trousers in gray; $34.95. y'all I wore these yesterday and received compliments. they fit your body perfectly. 

h&m; very light powder pink slim fit skinnies. the picture makes them look more pink than they actually are. 

i wore the pants this past weekend to the baby shower. these go so well with any color as they can be used as a neutral. 

forever 21; onsale for 6 dollars. 6!!!!

so ok i went a little crazy. jumped off the deep end maybe, but these deals i mentioned above saved me significantly. 

so whatever forever 21 - keep making causal cute dresses/skirts for under $10 and you'll have me shopping there when i'm forever over 35!