Friday, January 3, 2014

why i changed my blog.

i’ve been getting a lot of people asking me why i changed my blog from the way i used to write.

i don’t blame you for asking. it is completely different now.

before i only wrote fictional pieces that sometimes were about my own life stories and sometimes were completely what i was feeling that day or most times completely made up. i had a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my head and placing them on paper was a good idea to me at the time.

a big reason i changed the blog is because the twitter account got stolen. you know the @lifeofaprincess account where this blog began and probably where you found this blog, unless through a friend who probably found it that way to start with. i started the twitter around 2 and a half years ago and it grew exponentially – faster than i even thought it would. someone sent me an email one time asking me for advice on a boy situation. i think i had about 50k followers at that time and hadn’t started my blog. i guess i had never entertained the idea of writing to someone i didn’t know asking for advice. on one hand, i was honored. on the other, i didn’t know how to feel. i didn’t know something i was tweeting was reaching that many people. 50,000 followers, 100,000 follwers to 200,000 followers to around 240,000 followers. 240,000 was around the number i had when the account got stolen. in-between building the account, i did slowly release who i was via twitter. i had people coming up to me at bars saying “omg! you’re life of a princess!” ... yes this truly happened several times. one time was when i was on a date with a guy. that was embarrassing because he’s all “you’re who?!” it was a long story. i had some girl say “i follow you on instagram and i saw you were at brazwells pub so i left and came to brazwells pub to meet you!” that was crazy. i was even asked to be a speaker at a school in chicago. even though this didn’t work out and i had a friend’s wedding to attend that weekend, the mere thought that someone who read my blog was inspired enough to ask me to speak at their graduation blew me away. all these things were happening because of this blog & twitter. and then one day, it was gone. granted i didn’t tweet as much anymore because everything that goes up, must come down, but still i built that from scratch! this new person running my account hacked it, changed my password, my email associated with it, and the @ name for a bit of time. my logged in twitter on my iphone logged me out and i couldn’t get it back. the hacker only has it to make money. those stupid fake ad tweets about ‘omg! look at miley cyrus naked – i can’t believe how she lost all this weight.’ ... come on. you guys know that stuff isn’t legit, but people click anyway giving that person probably a dollar a click. so, i changed my blog. i didn’t want to be associated with that anymore, really.

another reason i changed the face of the blog to my real self is because i was no longer anonymous. when i was anonymous posting blogs i could say anything i wanted and no one knew it was me. no one could read them and then text me “is that about me?” no one could read about ex-boyfriends or fake friends and think i was talking about my own. do you know how many emails i would get a day from girls who were freshman in high school begging me to write about guys and why they sucked and if i had ever gotten my heart broken and what did i do after my own breakups? they would ask me to write about that. so i took myself out of the situation and made up scenarios. but even so, some of my own fictional advice i could even relate to because i've been there done that. they're not all gone though. i have kept most of the fictional “inspirational” blogs up in my blog archive, but now that these posts are coming from amanda crute – i am more skeptical about the stories i write about for the sake of that happening. people who do know me and know my stories sometimes read this thing too, y’all. i could say “this isn’t about anyone in particular” and someone could still think it was about them – the old posts that is anyway. those are the ones i’m talking about. plus my mom reads this now. hi mom.

also when i used to post “the other blogs” like a lot of you call them when you email me, i was a single woman. i am nowhere near saying that being in love fixes you. i was not a person that needed to be “fixed.” i was completely happy with my life and thankful for the time i was single because i learned a lot about myself. but just as any other normal person does, when you start to fall in love with someone in a more meaningful way, you tap into different parts of your brain. some emotions that i used to feel were replaced by newer and different ones. so yes, i know i used to post on more deeper topics such as heartbreak and loss, but when your life upside down changes into a different direction, so does the direction of what flows from your fingertips onto paper.

i also changed it because it’s my blog and i’m not getting younger and i love the idea of posting what i did this weekend and what i wore and what i cooked because i love reading what other people did. i’m not saying i have this crazy cool life, but hey i do love the idea that at the end of 2014, i can look back through my posts and see all that i accomplished, the friends i made, and the moments i love. after all, isn’t that what it’s for? you can make it whatever you want it to be.
i’m not saying that i’ll never post anything again like i used to do. who knows – one day i may get in that mindset again and go to town on it, but for now i'm just winging it. and i do know that i do still have person of creativity in me! and even after writing this, i do want to use “that side of amanda” more. so stay tuned. maybe i can start doing an “inspirational monday” topic like the “old blogs” were – you know because we all hate monday and what would be cooler? i kinda like that idea.

 i also would love to hear what your blogs are so i can read them like you read mine. please email me at so i can start adding some of you back who have been readers from day one.