Tuesday, February 18, 2014

a tuesday rant.

i'll be the first to admit that i don't usually rant over the internet. actually if i have a bad experience, i usually don't say anything {via my blog or via review sites}, but i just had to share a story that happened recently with y'all.

i'm a huge fan of getting manicures and pedicures. call me girly, call me lazy because i don't want to do them myself, or call me what you want, but it's just my thing. it's my relaxation time getting massaged by some electronic chair and having someone massage my legs, feet, arms, and hands. not to mention the endless colors to choose from.

i usually go to one of the polished locations - more specifically the one on south boulevard  close to uptown charlotte, and i usually go with katie {champagne & suitecases}. these nail bars are trendy; playing the most recent top 40 hits. they have all the gel colors you could ever want and complimentary wine. 

however, katie had a rather busy work week, so recently i went alone. and i wasn't anywhere near uptown when i wanted to get my nails done. i was near home in mint hill. 

i googled nail salons around the area and found one called modern nails at sycamore. it seemed close to home, so i gave it a shot. if only i had read yelp's reviews via that link - as you can see, i haven't been the only person disappointed by their service. 

i walk in and it seemed they were annoyed i was even there for my nails. one of the lady's looks through the top of her glasses, from her ipad, & mumbles "what do you need?"

well sheesh, lady excuse me. strike one.

i sit down and instead of wrapping my nails into acetone soaked cotton balls & aluminium foil like most normal places, she sits down a big bowl filled with solely acetone and tells me to "soak for a while." ... ok, i don't know if y'all get your nails done as much as i do, but you have to know that stuff dries out your skin. not to mention if you have any cuts, it burns like a you know what.

anyway, after four different attempts at scraping my gel polish off, she asks me what color? all monotone. they had all of like 8 colors to choose from so i picked the least ugly, already getting more disappointed at the selection. and before you ask, this was no hole in the wall place. it was dead center of one of the busiest shopping centers i've found in the area. strike two.

after filing and "cleaning" my nails, she begins to paint them. she doesn't ask me to wash my hands and my hands had the filed nail particles and pieces of my old polish all over them. no lotion or anything to remove. strike two and a half.

strike three though, y'all, just did it for me. with gel polish you have to apply four different layers. a base coat, first coat, second coat, and a finishing coat. in between layers, you let your nails "dry" under uv light for around 60 seconds. i was most appalled when every time i had to let my nails dry, she would literally get up, leave my station, and go back to her freakin' IPAD to play candy crush. i looked around and every employee was on their ipad's playing a game and didn't even bother to mute the sound! and everyone knows candy crush's background music sounds like dying pigeons trying to sing. it's terrible. do i even have to tell you that the actual manicure was bad or did you guess that already?

oh, and i finally got that lotion i wanted. rubbed in for only 10 seconds an arm after the nails were done. and remember those nail/gel particles? rubbbbbbed right on into my skin too. i took a towel and wiped the nasty stuff off before putting back on my watch. how sick.


and to think i was confused when i walked in as to why i was the only customer. do yourself a favor and never go there. as a matter of fact, i just became yelp's newest member and wrote them a lovely little review. i mean, does anyone feel they would get annoyed over this? if you're a company that provides some sort of service, that is literally your job to satisfy your paying customers. if i were to treat my own clients like that, what kind of worker would i be? probably one without a job.

polished has a nail bar in ballantyne which is about 15 minutes from the house. i'll drive the extra distance for attention on my nails that i pay for instead of some ipad game. 

ps: there was no complimentary wine. BYE.

and this concludes my first blog rant post.