Wednesday, February 12, 2014

an "after college" snow day.

it hasn't snowed this much since... well, i don't even know. charlotte has been issued a storm warning. i have been working from home today as i wasn't about to risk driving all the way uptown. 

but of course, in between working, i had to take advantage of the snow day. francesca thoroughly enjoyed it - at one point she had so much snow on her, she was hard to spot. and that's hard for a black dog in a white snow.

we bundled up and decided to go out and enjoy some of it. i was literally wearing three pairs of pants, three pairs of socks, two hoodies, two toboggans, lee's huge jacket and my rain boots. it looked as if i had packed on 100 lbs. i was pretty warm considering it was in the 20's outside. 

we played around throwing "snowballs" at each other. the snow was pretty much powder so it didn't stick too well, but there was plenty enough to go around. we walked through the neighborhood watching kids sledding and two cars trying to get unstuck from the snowy mess. 

i checked out the google maps and if you can avoid the roads, please do! it seems traffic is backed up and not going anywhere any time soon. so for now, i'm back inside with my blankets and work computer. we have a pot roast going in to crockpot - how perfect for this chilly day.  

how did you spend your snow day?