Tuesday, February 4, 2014

food & fun kinda weekend.

so it’s tuesday and my weekend recap isn’t done yet. but here we are.

i usually do them on monday’s, but you’ll soon find out why i didn’t have the time. {blog to follow.}

this past weekend was nothing short of relaxing as we stayed in for both nights, with the exception of the ron white show. and it was the super bowl! i put an exclamation there out of sarcasm because that game was nothing to be excited about. probably the worst super bowl game/commercials i’ve ever watched! i can’t be alone here – right, y’all? 

i mean i guess if i were a seahawks fan, it would be awesome so congrats to y'all! but I love a good game full of competition. 

the full house commercial was the only funny one i saw, but that puppy horse budweiser one just melllllllted my heart. but you can't really go wrong with puppies or horses.

friday night, i made my zucchini boats {which i cooked for 10-15 minutess longer this time & it turned out better}, some roasted potatoes and garlic bread for jared, hannah, and lee.

we spent a couples night together playing the card game – asshole. honestly, take my word on it, this will get addicting. i don’t have the time today {or the patience} to explain the rules as it won’t make sense until you’re playing. 

saturday was spent over at taylor & sean’s house watching the heels/state basketball game over some finger food. the heels showed who was boss. i even got tweeted at by them!

lee and i then headed home and got ready for dinner at azteca with margaritas before the ron white show at oven’s.

ron was hilarious as he was on the blue collar comedy tours. our seats were in the lower level and don’t judge the pictures. i think i probably should’ve gotten kicked out for taking them, but after seeing the quality, they would’ve let me back in. for real though, don’t judge! i promise ron actually had a face. 

{ron white}

sunday was gorgeous. it was like 68 degrees in mint hill! we all washed our cars from the salt/sand that had gathered this past week from the snow. the afternoon was spent with cornhole games and cooking for the super bowl. 

{whoohoo for beautiful weather.}

as it usually is, our food was awesome. it may have been the most exciting part of the whole freakin game! see the below pictures for what we all made!

{lee's amazing bacon wrapped cream cheese jalapeño poppers}

{cream cheese/sour cream pizza dip with pepperoni.}

{beef quesadillas.}

you can tell how healthy we were with our ingredients. but honestly, is there anything better than cream cheese? 

ugh, paying for it this week though.

now. i cannot wait to tell y’all what happened yesterday......