Monday, February 17, 2014

lover's day weekend recap 2014.

have you ever had a bad valentine’s day weekend? i honestly don’t know if i have but, there have been other ones that have been way less eventful.

i only mean that in the most complimentary way because valentine’s day/weekend 2014 will be a hard one to beat.

lee and i started at 131 main for dinner around 5:30. i ordered the metropolitan salad.

anyway, the food was cool and all, but nothing tops what happened next. some of you may have read that i won guaranteed tickets to eric church’s #theoutsiderslive free concert from 96.9 the kat this past friday night and y’all i can’t even explain to you how amazing that was.

i was literally about 4 “people” rows away from eric. lee and i decided to celebrate with some fireball before the show to get the party started. if you haven’t had fireball, you’re not living your 20’s right. and if you haven’t had it and you’re under 20, you should be drinking anyway so ha!

eric put on an awesome, intimate acoustic performance with songs from his new album such as the outsiders, talladega, like a wrecking ball and give me back my hometown. he also played a few older ones like drink in my hand and ended with springsteen of course. unforgettable.

afterward, we went out to meet some of lee’s friends that were in town, and i got to see a few people i’d known when i lived in greensboro. it was the perfect evening!

{jessie & i.}

saturday night, we switched gears and threw a housewarming party! jared and hannah bought a house! it’s currently the house lee and i live in temporarily. we all pitched in and made food/drinks.

some parents attended along with some of jared & hannah’s college friends. there was probably around 30-35 people that came by. everyone had a great time and so graciously gave awesome gifts.

{the walker family. plus me!}

{taylor & i.}


sunday was spent with jared’s family with champagne and strawberries, and sitting around a fire reflecting on how blessed we are.

weekends like this are tough to beat, but next weekend on sunday i fly to san diego for the first time! so that will be an experience all in itself.