Wednesday, February 5, 2014

a mini r & r.

are y'all ready for this?

dun dun dun dundundun ... dun dun dun dundundun

*cue the space jam music and super weird aliens playing basketball against cartoons*

ok, so i know this is probably going to seem not as cool as you are not experiencing it and reading it on a blog. but i had the coolest monday - and for as much as monday's usually suck, {especially being one after the super bowl} it was pretty awesome. 

i got treated to some complimentary services by the lovely ballantyne hotel & spa. have any of you ever been there? the hotel is gorgeous! 

i left work at 3pm on monday and drove twenty minutes down to road to the hotel. i jumped on the 485 south ramp and got this picture of how beautiful the sky was.

yes i took this while driving. i'm sorry, i'm guilty. 

our first service was a facial. y'all, i'm kinda embarrassed to say this was my first facial in all of my 25 years. i think i used to think they were a gimmick, but i am first to admit, i was dumb and that's completely false. they had us slip into a warm, cozy robe to start.

i entered the room and it was dark. my robe was hung on a robe heater. yes, it kept it warm while i got my facial. the lady put all these creams and steams on my face until it was time for extractions.


but, it was much needed. beauty is pain, right? 

next was a 50 minute full body therapeutic massage. do i need to type that again for emphasis? my last massage was some three years ago and some dumpy place that was on groupon in greensboro, nc. or sketchville, usa - which it's better known as. 

but this one. it was amazing. like, blogger fail because i can't even put it into words. 

for like 2.5 seconds i was like amanda, you need to remember this so you can describe in on your blog and i love y'all and all, but i did no such thing. it was bliss.

you can check out the rest of the ballantyne's spa services here. save up because muchooo dinero, but it's so worth it. hello day before my future wedding location!

oh, but my ladies {& gentleman?}, i am not done yet. 

we headed into the restaurant at the ballantyne hotel, the gallery restaurant. this was the best meal i have had in restaurant in a long time. feast your eyes on this!

 to start, i got the baby kale salad with roasted local apples, roasted and marinated feta cheese, warm cashew dressing, & toasted poppy seeds.

this was a their "featured local" dish. it was seared scallops on a bed of cheddar grits topped with arugula & crispy zucchini fries. i ate every last bit and didn't feel one bit bad about it. 

it seriously was perfection.

good luck next monday - i'd love to see you top this. heck, i'd love to see you try!