Monday, February 10, 2014

saturday shenanigans.

hello and welcome to this past weekend. i'll quickly sum it up for you mainly because lee is arriving home any minute with papa john's. i can't tell you the last time we had papa john's..............

so saturday, i shopped. i haven't a clue when i shopped at an actual mall last because online shopping has kind of taken over my life. but saturday around noon as i was browsing online, i was like why not? it's gorg outside; let's go to northlake mall.

you'll never guess where i ended up.........


a white shirt, two sweaters and some plum tights later, the damage was done. if you even want to call it damage. i got all that for like $65! peep the white shirt from h&m below in my pictures. it was one of my faves. snag it here.

but hey! i also got some pretty sweet jewelry/sunglasses deals from forever 21. their clothes have plummeted into forever ugly 21, but their accessories didn't disappoint.  check out my steals {seriously, the glasses were $5 a piece!} below.

saturday night, i met up with candis and her boyfriend, reid for his 28th birthday. we partied with reid & boomer, as they both are on the radio at 96.1. we started with dinner at harry's in arsley and i had some of the best surf and turf around. 

candis got reid a huge hamburger cake; which he thoroughly enjoyed. 

we spent the rest of the night in a limo. this seriously came out of nowhere. boomer goes "hey y'all the limo will be at my house in ten." ......wait. what? we bar hopped around charlotte and ended up at label at the music factory. i've never been there before and was instantly re-winded to life in college.

sunday was spent recovering. seriously, i now have a new-found deeper bond with my bed, blanket and pillow. 

next weekend is valentine's day and our housewarming party! so i better get to working on things for that. until next time because PIZZA IS HERE!