Friday, February 21, 2014

the five.

did this week feel extra-long to anyone else? maybe it’s because i’m about to be out of work until thursday of next week and i’m just anticipating that. or maybe this work week has just tired me out. regardless, this post is usually one of my favorites because that means it is

 f  r  i d a y.


harris teeter’s make your own 6 pack.

this is just the coolest thing to me. for $9.99 at harris teeter, you can hand pick 6 different beers to make your own. you can add some of your favorites or a few you haven’t tried yet. i kinda did the combo of that. i picked three beers i knew i would enjoy and three just because i thought the design was cool. that doesn’t always work in your favor i learned. here’s what i selected:

carolina starwberry – a favorite of mine
leinenkugel sunset wheat – another favorite. this tastes just like fruity pebbles. no joke.
woodchuck in granny smith – mmmmmm. apple goodness.

the other three that were at random are:

snakedog – this was a 7% ipa. super hoppy!
shocktop – wheat ipa. decent.
abita – no. ew. i hated it. i thought it was grape flavored, but no the label was just purple. next time i will read thoroughly.



have you guys been here in uptown charlotte? don’t eat for 5 days prior to going because you'll have to be rolled out of that place. you’re seated and given a token – orange for: keep on bringing the meat to me! and black for: heck no i am stuffed right now. 

if your token is orange, servers come to your table with 14 different meats ranging from chicken, filet, sirloin, lamb, sausage and whatever else i forgot. i think i’m still full from dinner two nights ago.


my cowboy boots.

so i know these are not legit. they are not $400 frye boots or even whatever other brand is cool these days. i’m not knocking those boots because they are beautiful, but for what i wanted to use them for, this was the best. honestly, they are the only pair of cowboy boots i’ve ever owned! weird, right? as i’ve talked about before, i have like 9 country shows to go to this summer, so i knew i had to grab a pair to wear with dresses. plus they look super easy to clean as sometimes the lawn in pnc arena can be muddy.

the best part? the price. i got these babies from target for $27! and i kept the $373 savings in my bank account.


this weather.

can y’all believe that a week ago we were all snowed in?! i mean like 6 inches of snow as covering our cars, the roads, and kept us from going anywhere. but these past few days have felt like heaven! the 70s are my absolute favorite weather and last night before dinner at lee’s parents house, we all sat out on their front porch with a glass of wine. so relaxing.

bring on spring, baby I AM READY.



sunday morning at 7:50am this girl is headed to san diego! i’ve never been to cali, so this is huge for me. i’m so excited to visit the pacific coast and i’ll have plenty of stories once i return. we have plans to go up to la jolla and the gastro lamp area.

honestly, i have no idea what these places are, but i cannot wait to experience one of the united states beautiful areas!