Friday, February 14, 2014

a valentine's five on friday.

happy valentine's day y'all! i happen to love this holiday, but let's not forget to show the people we love that we love them everyday and not just today. however, the following 5 on friday are things that i've loved this week.

1. my valentine.

of course i love him every week, but today is no exception. y'all probably feel like you know lee as i talk about him often. but he has made this day special for me as he's taking me to 131 main tonight for dinner! have any of you ever been there? it's been about 4 years for me, but i'm excited to have a romantic dinner with a bottle of wine, good food, and my sweetheart. which brings me to....

2. eric church

eric released a new album this week! the outsiders. you may have heard the singles released on the radio including 'give me back my hometown' and 'a man who was gonna die young.' i've had this album on repeat for the past few days since it's that good. eric wasn't included in the megaticket, but that isn't going to stop me from spending a few extra $$ to go to his tour when it's announced sometime hopefully later this year. which, in turn, brings me to point three....

3. 96.9 the kat! 

y'all i won guaranteed tickets to eric's show TONIGHT. so eric is my valentine number two! he is performing a free intimate concert for his fans in only 6 cities to kick off #theoutsiderslive. the tickets were based on first come, first serve at coyote joe's in charlotte tonight. doors are at 7pm. lee and i were going to cancel our dinner date and go to this show around 5 to wait in line because I LOVE HIM. but now that we have these tickets, we can still go to dinner as our reservations are at 5:30! so anyway, today as i was working from home, i got a call that i had won two guaranteed tickets to get into the door & skip the line!! that means this girl will be {hopefully} front row to one of my favorite artists. you can see how much i was freaking out earlier after i got the call.

4. charlotte's snowmageddon 2014.

i'm sure you've heard, but charlotte got a TON of snow. and by a ton i mean like 7-8 inches; which pretty much paralyzes the south. we had so much fun during our snow day experiencing something we don't get to often! north carolina pretty much shut down as roads were horrible. i am so lucky i was able to work from home. 

lee also thought it would be fun to use snow as a mixer. i opted out of this "creation," but i think he said it was a good idea to switch back to dr. pepper thereafter.

5. my homemade valentine's gift.

so i'm not a crafty person. i've tried and failed and tried and failed. i see so many of you {and my other friends} just whip up paintings and crafts and burlap wreaths and i'm over here like... where can i order that on etsy? but, i put on my creative hat and yes, i know this is probably beginners work for some of you, but hey! at least i'm trying to improve. 

i made lee a "i love you because..." frame to hang in our bathroom. 

i purchased a white frame, patterned patter, letter stickers, & yellow paint. 

you can pretty much guess that i painted the frame yellow to match our bathroom, inserted the gray paper as the background, and stuck the letters onto the glass. 

i gave him a pack of dry erase markers so we can write sweet messages to each other. we've had so much fun doing it so far!

happy day of love to all of you!