Tuesday, March 11, 2014

a weekend of relaxation.

considering this was our first weekend in a while in which we had zero plans, it turned out equally fun and relaxing. 

friday night was spent with allyson & chris at soul gastrolounge. yum. we followed dinner with a night of cranium {which i suck at} and were in bed by midnight. this girl needed that.

saturday was amazing. i don't have the time to post all about our treehouse vineyard trip today, but i promise i will do a full recap as it's very deserving! but for now i'll leave you with this.

i also was asleep by 9pm on saturday night. AND MISSED THE UNC GAME. i know. complete fan fail, but after resting for 13 hours, i felt amazing on sunday morning. my body was trying to tell me it was exhausted!!

sunday afternoon was spent over wine and steaks at the walker's. some of lee's family was in town i hadn't met yet, and it was great getting to know more and more about them. the steaks were cooked to perfection as always. 

can we just talk about the beautiful weather in charlotte this past weekend?? our girl franny sure loved it.

happy tuesday!