Sunday, March 23, 2014

does sunday have to end?

having thursday and friday off reallllllllllly spoiled me. 

after all of our concert madness, we decided to take it really easy on friday night. we caught up on unc beating providence at the VERY end and me screaming at the television. this year, my brackets have been terrible! lee literally started our fire in the fireplace with his bracket piece of paper. so our night looked something like this.

saturday was spent with an awesome girlfriend i work with, danielle. i have too many friends named danielle! okay, fine - only two, but i can still see how that gets confusing to y'all. i met with her at her house in northlake and we had some yummy japanese & a day of shopping at h&m where i pretty much cleaned out their store. 

i admit it. i have an h&m problem. my other online order from last weekend isn't even here yet! oops. but i also scored this cat scarf. yes. a scarf of cats. i'm obsessed! 

we then headed out the noda brewery for a coworker who got married! congrats julie! she was a beautiful bride and wore her wedding dress out to the bar. how #baller is that? she is such a sweet soul and i'm so happy we got to spend time with her on her special day!

sunday is {was?} more march madness. and more upsets with kansas being beat by stanford. what?! 10 seed beating a 2 seed? according to espn, there were NO perfect brackets as of earlier this weekend because really, who can predict this?! 

we're curled up on the couch with some yummy homemade chili {made by lee} in the crockpot. mimosas all around and celery, cheese & crackers for an appetizer.

jared {our roommate} also made pan seared sesame tuna! talk about awesome and healthy. this will be something we make more often. 

sad to see the weekend go, but such is life.