Thursday, March 27, 2014

eating boar.

last night, i tried blue restaurant in uptown. one of my friends who got married a year ago, was in town, so we got to try this place.

it's awesome! i tried the wild boar. i'm sorry... wait. what? boar? like the big animal that is in minnesota or some other odd state out west? yes. boar. and i have to tell you, it was the best thing ordered at the table. 

the word boar just weirds me out in general and i can't figure out why. but after a few people telling me this was a must try, i decided to put away my weirdness and jump in.

there were two different parts of the boar; one from the shoulder & the other as a pulled pork texture. it was served over spinach risotto and i will go back to blue solely to eat that again. 

some one commented on my instagram & said it looked like something from the walking dead. i don't watch that show solely because of the title, but i'm glad i ate this before i saw that comment. trust me, the lighting on my phone is what made it so red! blue is an extremely dim lit place.

we spent the remainder of the night over a few drinks at connellys on fifth & catching up about life. so glad i got to spend some time with you taylor!

praise the fact that it's friday eve!