Friday, March 14, 2014

friday's five.

so this post is a little late today as i was munching on some carrots yesterday and one of my back molar teeth literally shattered. 

i mean like here i am crunching away on food and then i was crunching on my tooth. it was horrible.

so this afternoon i had to do an emergency crown fitting and now am in mucho pain-o. but anyway, it's still friday and i still have five. 


this dip.

i feel like at least one of my five on friday's includes food. but this dip is noteworthy. nothing but a can of black beans, a can of corn, diced avocado, green peppers & red wine vinegar. i ate it as an appetizer and then the next day in my chicken wrap. so good!


i got all of my mega-tickets in the mail last night! i am so ready for these concerts to start! i have some cowboy boots that need some dancing! come onnnnnn lady a on april 26th!


urban decay's eye shadow primer potion.

this stuff is awesome! i have always been one of those people who thought products like this were unnecessary, but when i got samples of this in my naked 3 palette, my mind was changed. my eye shadow stays on literally all day and doesn't smudge. thank you urban decay!


i got this picture last night as i was driving home. i grew up in a small town, but i love the city lights of charlotte. i used to think i wanted to live in the city, but seeing the calmness of the country, i think i wouldn't mind driving home to a house of my own one day.


19 you & me.

you guys, this song. i am so obsessed! i've probably surpassed the most played songs on my ipod with this one. a guy i know actually knows dan from dan + shay! and i found out they were added on the blake shelton tour this summer! i'm anxiously awaiting for the album to be released on spotify. their other single what you do to me is so cute and catchy too! 

another shout out goes to cole swindell! his chillin' it single was an immediate hit and i love every song on his new album. this kid is gonna make it big.

for now, i'm sitting here just letting my tooth throb. ugh. but at least it's friday and i'm hoping this glass of wine kicks in soon!