Friday, March 21, 2014

friday's five.

well, considering i only had a three day work week this week, friday feels somewhat like sunday to me. but i am loving the fact i get two more days to relax in this great weather!


as i've mentioned plenty of times before, we love to cook. and this past monday, dinner was no exception. salmon & bacon wrapped asparagus may look fancy (or does it?), but this dinner was one of the easiest things we've made. we had some salmon and marinated it in this teriyaki sauce and baked on 350 for about 20 minutes or so. the bacon wrapped asparagus - y'all, i could eat this everyday of my life & never get tired of it. i wrapped four asparagus stalks in half a strip of bacon, drizzle with evoo & balsamic vinegar and bake for about 15-20 on 350. it's so good.


its #marchmadness time! go heels! they play here in a just a few and i hope their journey lasts longer than most acc teams {ahem, duke; nc state} and they don't royally screw my bracket even further like most acc teams {ahem, duke; nc state}. speaking of, i have found that some fans seriously trash the other teams coaches/records and i hate that! it's all over facebook, twitter, etc. saying things of disrespect towards coach k visiting mercer's locking room? come on, you guys! i am all for a little competition,but i think it should be all in good fun & not personal. however, is still really, really funny. bashing a coach's style and the team as a whole to further promote your own is not. however, i'm glad i didn't put money into a bracket considering i had duke going at least until the elite 8. le sighhhhh. 


i have been a fan of this band since i was younger when they had bigger radio play. we learned at their concert they ditched their record label and went independent - something i didn't know. their new album, fading west, is phenomenal. a few songs that were played were love alone is worth the fight, when we come alive, say it like you mean it, and a few others. awesome performance put on at amos southend

they only thing else i had to say was the line was seriously over a quarter of a mile long to get in. this picture doesn't do it justice. regardless, it's something i'm glad i was a part of solely to hear dare you to move live. my heart was so, so happy.


i love them! they were reasonably priced at $35 and they're equal parts cute and comfortable. you can dress them down, as i did at the st patty's day bar crawl, or dress them up as i did for my outfit last night. which brings me to....


the 2 chainz concert! 

why yes, i went to two concerts back to back nights this week. i actually won these 2 chainz tickets through uber charlotte who was putting on a promotion. all you had to do was retweet their tweet about two chainz and you were entered in to win. i got a message via my twitter on thursday telling me i had won two tickets to the show and meet & greet passes! i was ecstatic!!  we also got two free rides to and from the show - compliments of uber. for those who don't know, uber is a taxi like service who personalizes in customer service and uses the gps from your phone to locate you. did i mention it's cash free? that's right - the app has your debit on file, and even has the convenience to split the final tab among other uber users. oh, and cheaper than the other yellow cars floating around the city. who doesn't love cheaper?! the driver who took us home was funny, personable, and genuinely seemed to love his job. two thumbs up for this awesome experience and company. 

now for the pictures of two chainz! he put on a phenomenal high energy show! and was so nice when we met him in person. i walked up to him, showed him my jewelry and said "i'm your mini me! i have one chain; two bracelets!" referencing his "two chainz, four bracelets" line in a song he's featured in called "bands make her dance."

he giggled. i made two chainz giggle!

whew! super long post this friday, but it was an awesome week. happy friday!