Monday, March 3, 2014

our weekend in asheville, nc.


it's monday again and awkwardly enough tonight has been the most r&r and downtime i have had since i left for san diego last week. 

after two quick days of work thursday and friday, we packed up and headed up to asheville, nc. i actually have only passed through asheville when travelling. it had never been my destination. 

about two months ago, two couples that lee knows that live in cincinnati asked us if both of us, & our married friends, taylor & sean, wanted to meet them this past week for a mini mountain vacay. we're never one to turn down a good time, so scheduled it was. 

{sean, mike, lauryn, me, amanda #2, jj, taylor, lee}

asheville is about two and a half hours away from charlotte so we arrived around 8pm. we met the cincinnati couples {jj & amanda; lauryn & mike} at this cool bar called pack's tavern. i ordered this cool drink that tasted like a flinstone's push-up orange pop. i instantly connected with them and we talked all night. 

saturday, we got up around 9:30am to head over to brunch at corner kitchen. we had heard great things since it's located right beside the biltmore grounds so it had to be phenom right? 

phenom it was.

{pomegranate mimosa}

so what I ordered was completely unorothodox. some part lunch; some part breakfast food. I literally couldn't pick just one & I'm glad I didn't. 

{corn and crab chowder}

{fried grits; blueberry waffles}

now for the fun part.

we signed up for the asheville south slope sunset brewery tour that kicked off at 4:30 on saturday. our tour guide was not only freakin' 6'9" but hilarious! he kept us rolling the whole time. 

people in asheville must the start the party early because all of these bars were packed in the evening. here's a little recap of the places we visited below.

{each bar provided us with two 4 oz pours of different brews.}

the last stop was green man brewery. i caught this shot as the sun was setting. 

we ended the night at isa's bistro. sharing our first bottle of rosayyy & indulging in great food. calories don't count on vacation is what we say anyway. if you find yourself in the area, check out this place. a must order is the "bang-bang" cauliflower. we also got calamari, & the fancy french fries. my entree was the scallops with fettuccine on the side.  lee ordered the best burger either of us have ever had. who knew asheville had this gem of a restaurant? 

our view on the way back went a little something like this...

i hope your weekend was just as action-filled! however, looking at my calendar for this weekend & seeing no plans looks equally as appealing right now. here's to the work week!