Tuesday, March 4, 2014

pizza pizza!

i am no papa john’s. and i’m not hating on papa john’s because they are hands down my favorite chain pizza go-to.

but i did make a great homemade pizza last night and wanted to share.

you will need:

1 can of pillsbury pizza dough (found near the biscuits)
1 package of the cheese of your choice (i did a mexican blend)
garlic powder
extra virgin olive oil
1 package of sliced white fresh mushrooms
1 package of pepperoni
 any additional desired toppings chopped up

my favorite toppings on a pizza are pepperoni & mushrooms so that was my choice. obviously you can choose to not add mushrooms if you aren’t a fan.

also, i literally have no idea why there is a scraper in the picture above. you don’t need a scraper to complete this pizza project. please disregard as we are going through some kitchen renovations.

the dough that i bought was best if used in a rectangular form, so we preheated the oven to 350 degrees and rolled out the dough. i’m a garlic feen, so i added some garlic powder to the dough and oregano. also, drizzle the evoo over the dough. 

pop in the dough only for about 8 minutes until it’s hardened, but not done. remove from oven and spoon the sauce {or use the scraper if you want?} & desired toppings on top. i did a layer of sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, cheese and finished with pepperoni again.

place back in over for an additional 5-6 minutes until the dough is done. note! the dough doesn’t look done on the top – but the bottom can cook pretty quickly. 5-6 minutes is perfect for a good crispy, but not burnt crust.

voila! instant homemade pizza. i hope you enjoy because i sure did.

{i also decided to use a pot holder that had a hole in it to remove the pizza from the oven. therefore, when it burned my finger, i almost dropped the pan, so decided the only logical solution was to grab the hot pan with my naked fingers on the other hand. and by logical, i mean idiotic. so i sit here today with two band-aids and burn ointment on my fingers. so please use proper potholder when preparing this pizza. also, ointment is a really gross word.}