Sunday, March 16, 2014

st patty's day 2014.

well ladies and gentleman, i report to you live from the couch on this rainy sunday. we were so blessed with a gorgeous 72 degree saturday for the 14th annual rich & bennet's st. patrick's day bar crawl in charlotte.

{the green beers are the best!}

they sell this as the worlds largest bar crawl, and i'm no book of guinness records, so i don't know the validity behind that. regardless, its the largest group of people wearing the same shirt in the same place at once that i've seen. however, i was the only person i saw wearing a green boa. it was a huge hit.

{michelle, me, sydney, danielle w.}

{me; danielle w.}

we started at dixie's tavern around 1 pm to check in and man, what a line! it's definitely worth getting your shirt at a pre-party before the actual bar crawl day. we started with a huge group of about 15 people, but because everyone is in green, it's easy to lose people. we left dixie's and trickled down to cosmo's cafĂ© where there was a flip cup game going on. talk about a way to kick off the day! 

{betsy, me, hannah}

{this guy was literally 7 foot tall! he just busted up in our flip cup game - hence my expression.}

we later went to rira's irish pub {naturally} for the experience and then met up with danielle below {yes another danielle!} & her friends, as st patty's day is her birthday! what a blast that is, right? we ate at the ever popular hooters and then headed down to fitzgerald's to meet up with allyson.  

{birthday danielle and myself}

{graham; lee}

{danielle; me}

{always making me laugh.}

{allyson & i at fitzgeralds's}

EVERYWHERE was packed and EVERYTHING was green. it was so congested, i had no cell phone signal! i finally got to hang out with betsy & hannah {pictured above}. these girls are dating two guys that lee knows and i adore them! we hope to all have a triple date soon & apparently agreed to do a cruise together this summer? ok, #yolo.

oh, and let's not forget about this great dane. how awesome is this? 

overall, st. patty's day weekend was a success. it was my second year doing the bar crawl and i hope the fun continues next year!