Friday, March 7, 2014

this week's five on friday.

hello to the sweet weekend of relaxation. here are my 5 from this week.


i got my hair did. earlier last week i had this crazy urge to go blonde. not totally blonde, but just a lighter look for spring. and if you know me, you know my horror story two years ago when i went to a lady who FRIED my hair and it literally fell out. i brushed my hair for the first time after getting it done and the top layer broke off 4 inches from my roots. i am not one to brag, but i had very healthy, very long, strong hair and had to chop it off to my shoulders to get rid of her damage. that was a sad, sad day.

anyway, i love my hairstylist now. not only is she hilarious, but she does a great job and has restored my hair greatly since i’ve been going to her. and she gives me wine. so when i talked to her about somewhat blonde highlights, i was prepared for her to slap sense into me. but when she said we could do this, but gradually, i was on board. so i have a few lighter colors in my hair. whoop!

more blonde to come later. 

i have trouble sleeping. i’ll wake up anywhere between 4-5 hours in the night. it’s horrible! whenever i’m sick though, i remember what great sleep i get when i take nyquil. i figure 8 billion other people are this way, so nyquil got smart and created a sleep aid – Zzzquil. i bought this inexpensive stuff on a whim and love it!

for the past couple of nights, i have slept solid until about 5:30am and doze on and off until my alarm at 6:45am. which is huge for someone who is used to seeing just about every hour on the clock at night. props nyquil peeps!


tupelo honey.

last weekend we were in asheville & heard about this place, but didn’t get a chance to go. charlotte has recently opened up one and i’d heard great things. i convinced a coworker to go with me yesterday for lunch and it lived up to it’s hype.

tupelo gives you a complimentary handmade biscuit to top with honey & jam. oh my.

i ordered the “shoo mercy” grilled cheese which includes cheese, pimento cheese, ham, bacon, and a few fried green tomatoes. calorie overload, but hey a cheat meal every now and then doesn’t hurt. 

if you’re looking for some good southern food, look no further. this place is awesome!



until last night after work, i had never been to bubble. it’s a trendy champagne lounge in the epicenter in charlotte. i usually don’t go to places like this, but a close coworker was celebrating her 40thbirthday yesterday and it was a no brainer that i would go.

their menu of drinks was awesome {yet expensive} & very diverse. i tried the juniper blush which was hendricks premium gin, germaine elderflower liqueur, strawberry puree, lime juice, and rose champagne. highly recommend doing that. happy birthday ann!


tonight’s dinner at soul gastrolounge.

i’ve only been to soul one other time, but it left me knowing i would come back. allyson & chris, a couple we know, are meeting us there for dinner! if you go, a MUST is their pork belly tacos with watermelon. i’m not joking. if you go and don’t get this, you’re doing soul wrong. it’s a tapas style restaurant, so there’s plenty to choose from, but make sure you get these! i can’t wait to try some new items this time; with the exception to those tacos. i love couple dinners and can’t wait to see them and catch up tonight. 

ps: i noticed this last night. this is our shower curtain in our bathroom.

zoom in closer.

does the paisley pattern not look like a frog face looking left??? now every time i’m in the bathroom, i’ll think this.

happy friday!