Thursday, March 13, 2014

treehouse vineyards.

so i promised you guys i would talk about our day-cation to treehouse vineyards, so here we go.

this past weekend, lee and i drove about 30 minutes east to monroe, nc. after a quick lunch, we followed the gps to treehouse vineyards because what else is better on a saturday? i’d seen this on groupon before, but never bought into it. i will tell you - this place is slightly in the middle of nowhere so be sure to map its location! we thought we were about to roll up in someone’s ghetto for a quick sec.

after realizing we actually weren’t in the ghetto, we pulled up to rolling hills full of grapes on the vine & purchased two wine tastings that were only $6 a person! we got to sample 8 out of the wines below & a wine-orita! the tour told stories of how the wine’s got their names and yada yada yada. date nite & windy hill were my favorites. most of the wines were made from muscadine grapes so they were super sweet.

after the tasting, they offered a complimentary tour of the vineyard, but we thought we’d pass that opportunity, grab two more glasses of the wine-orita (currently my new fav thing) and a bottle to share. this place had rocking chairs, tree swings, and even a few treehouses!

the treehouse was rentable by the hour for only $25; something we didn’t know prior to coming, so we didn’t get to go up it. however, there’s always next time and the tree swings were free which is my favorite price.

we spent the afternoon enjoying the warm weather. i suggest this place for a nice Saturday mini getaway! i’ve heard great things about other vineyards in the area, so i’m curious to check them out soon. if you know of any in the charlotte area, please tell me!

when we got home, lee fixed us a phenom dinner of seared lemon scallops & mushrooms over linguini alfredo. i thank his mom every time for his great cooking skills!

i may or may not be spoiled.

ps y’all: it’s almost friday!