Tuesday, April 15, 2014

a girl's weekend.

this past weekend, jared & lee were out of town on a bachelor weekend up in seven devils, nc. there were seven guys that attended. oh irony.

anyway, i’m a huge chicken of staying at the house by myself. sure i’m 25, but i’m still a chicken. my mind plays tricks and all of a sudden i’m paranoid with sounds in the house and people knocking at my window. so a huge shout out to candis & allyson for housing me for the weekend.

i headed over to candis’s house friday after work & we showed the world that ladies can grill too.

chicken & pepper kabobs alongside some strawberry margaritas did the trick as we hung out by the fire all night. the weather was a bit chilly, but we became bff with lighter fluid really fast.

saturday was allyson’s birthday celebration. we kicked off the day by jumping into foam pits, doing flips on trampolines, shooting hoops, enjoying capri suns, and being 25 going on 6 years old.

we later enjoyed dinner at ru san’s where i ordered sushi & sake. what?! i hate both of those things? what’s happening to me?

{tempura zucchini & calamari}

{tootsie roll}

it was amazing. i suggest this place for awesome service and fresh sushi in the dilworth area.

we ended the night with drinks among friends at tyber creek pub. happy birthday allyson!

speaking of sushi, i have no knowledge. what are your favorite sushi rolls? i’m wanting to jump more on this train.