Friday, April 4, 2014

a late five on friday.


this friday's post is slightly late and may be slightly shorter. i do have some awesome news to share with you all, but i'm going to make you wait until all my i's are dotted & t's are crossed. regardless, it's still friday!


island smoothie with spinach, kale, and other ingredients - but turbinado-less! this was my lunch today. it's from tropical smoothie cafe in the metropolitan. 

for the ugly green color that it is, this is actually pretty good and pretty filling. my next project is to buy a juicer to do a juice cleanse! this girl BLOWS at that kinda stuff, so if you have any juice recipes you love - send them my way!


red & gold.

this simple necklace was found at forever 21. have you been to their jewelry section lately? oh my word! necklaces for like $5! earrings for $3! it's cheaply made so you get what you pay for, but still. i paired it with my favorite deep red lipstick. sassy!


i can see!!!

so i finally went to the eye doctor last week and got my first pair of specs! never wearing glasses or contacts before, this was a new thing for me. however, kate spade didn't disappoint. i love them! and the cute case.


....and no i'm not talking about the drink. i wish i was! this is such a cute pink pop of color by opi. and just in time for spring. i told you i enjoy getting my nails done! next time, i'm thinking a pretty mint color.


this burger.

this was my first time at the liberty in dilworth. they are advertised as having the "best burger in charlotte" so i obviously had to order one. it lived up to its name. i ordered the "southern prime crunch burger" & lee and i split the "calamari fries." that calamari was one of the best i have ever had! i highly recommend. their parmesean french fries were also the bomb, like tick tick.

anyway, lee and i are about to go play some one-on-one beer pong in pajamas and i'm going to totally kick his butt. enjoy your weekend!