Friday, April 18, 2014

a new look!

i can't even begin to tell you how long i have been trying to work on this blog thing.

html codes, post signatures, my instagram scrolly thingy, the labels, color coordination... the list goes on and on.

i've played around with a few different colors and background for about two months now, but kept being drawn back to the yellows, corals, and gray. {grey? honestly i don't know the difference.}

i have peeked at some of your blogs and love the simplicity of the white background and i am head over heels in love with the georgia font. is that something weird to love? definitely. but i use this font in everyday life with my blog and even with work emails, etc. 

i am pretty computer savvy, i guess you could say, so i figured this thing out on my own. and see that post signature down there? yeah. i am so excited that thing is there. i have been working on a signature for waaay longer than two months. 

i would create it, and get frustrated that it wouldn't show up, and give up. what i was doing then versus what i just did a few moments ago to get it to work, i have not a clue. all i know is it's there and i'm freakin' excited about it. lo & behold, IT IS THERE. this may seem very pointless to you, but i'm over here throwing a party. hallelujah!

more to come.

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